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What peculiar thing would you buy for yourself?

What peculiar thing would you buy for yourself? If you won the lottery or suddenly inherited a huge amount of money what one peculiar, quirky behavior would you give into?

For me, it’s socks! I can’t wear shoes without socks and I’m very fussy about my socks! I like new socks, if I could only wear socks once or maybe twice, I’d be the happiest person alive! I hate socks that have been washed a lot. They lose their softness, their newness, their fuzziness.

I want a brand new pair of soft socks every day! This isn’t anything new with me. My mom used to embarrass me by telling everyone about my sock thing. When she brought me home from the hospital over 50 years ago, whenever she would give me a bath she couldn’t take my booties off!

She would give me my bath with my booties on, then quickly pull one bootie off wash that foot, put the bootie back on then do the other foot. All the while I would be screaming my head off.

Screaming bloody murder – put my booties back on!

I still hate going barefoot. I want my socks on unless it’s like well over 90 degrees and humid out, then, I might, just might take my socks off

Now I can’t even run around the house with just socks on. A few years ago I was given a cute little orange striped kitten. I like cats but I am actually a dog person. This cat thinks she’s a dog so its working out fine. She gets along great with the lab mix so everything was fine, until . . .

She has a thing for white socks. This cat is unusual because she never uses her claws even though she has four perfectly good sets of claws. She bites, like a dog! It’s not so bad now that’s she’s not a kitten anymore, she knows she can’t bite people  Basically we treated her the same as we would any puppy that bit. It’s just not acceptable.

Which is where the socks come in. The only thing we can’t stop her from biting are feet in white socks, just white socks. She likes to lick bare feet. She totally ignores shoes and colored socks. But just try to walk through the house in white socks! She grabs your foot and chomps down hard on the top of your foot into the white sock. Unfortunately those sharp feline teeth go through the white socks into your foot. Ouch!

My nephews won’t take their shoes off anymore because they all wear white sports socks and the cat likes to chomp on their feet.

Oh, I wish I could win the lottery and have new socks every day, just not white ones!

If you had all the money in the world what peculiar thing would you buy for yourself?


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