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November letter, year 2

Happy Thanksgiving!
Last month was so much fun. Freddy Frankenstein’s Halloween party was a great success. Everyone had so much fun. We even got Fraidy Black Cat to play some of the games. She usually just likes to stand and watch everyone else play.

We had such a great time that when we got home we talked to our parents about doing something really special for Thanksgiving this year. I know that most families want to spend Thanksgiving with their families but we wanted to do something different. We’re having a Thanksgiving party. I don’t think anyone’s ever had a Thanksgiving party before. We are really busy thinking up games and things to do.

We drew our own invitations. I think they turned out pretty good.

We talked to Freddy Frankenstein and he’s helping us plan the games since his party was so much fun. Instead of candy we’re having everyone in End of the Rainbow bring their favorite Thanksgiving food. That way everyone gets to see what other families have and we get to eat lots of food.

The party will be the weekend before Thanksgiving so everyone can still have their own Thanksgiving on the real holiday. I can’t wait until that weekend. I hope everything works out like we plan.

We’re going to be playing Thanksgiving bingo! Taffy found it on the computer when she was visiting our cousins in your world. We don’t have computers here at End of the Rainbow. We could have gone over to Father Time, Cormick Leprechaun or Gretha Tooth Fairy’s houses, they have magical walls that work something like a computer but sometimes they only show New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day and loose tooth things. I can never get them to actually find what I’m looking for. It was easier for Taffy to search for games in your world.

Have you ever played Bingo? Our mom said it would be fun and that everyone, young and old could play at the same time. I hope so. We’re really counting on that game to last most of the afternoon. We have some really great prizes wrapped up for the winners.

Well, we have a lot of planning to do yet so we had better get busy, Thanksgiving is coming fast and we have to be ready. Wish us luck! This is the first party we’ve ever given. I hope it turns out great.

Have you ever planned a party? How did it go? Did everyone have fun? I hope so.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Tom and Taffy Turkey

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