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August letter year 2

How are you doing?
Your Watcher Elf here again! This month is so much fun. All of the Holiday Keepers go on vacation and leave ‘End of the Rainbow’ to us Watcher Elves.
We are having our yearly gathering to learn all about the new inventions the North Pole have come up with. Some of the things they bring to show us are great but some of them are total disasters. Last time they brought a pen that was suppose to deliver our reports to Santa Claus without us having to send them by bird messenger. It worked fine except it wrote everything in the Martian language and no one on this planet, including Santa could read them. We sent them to Mars and they said they are working out wonderfully for them.
Another invention that didn’t work very well were glasses that we were supposed to wear to be able to see through the walls of your houses. They worked okay but we kept forgetting we had them on and about two hundred Watcher elves got hurt walking into the walls thinking they weren’t there. My nose got bent to one side when I crashed into the wall of your house, the glasses made me think the wall wasn’t there. At least, until I hit it, Ouch!!
Even if all the inventions aren’t great, the food is! This year my friends Star and Sweeper are in charge of the food. Star said they were making Crispy snow sandwiches, which are one of my favorites! Winter goulash, Holly berry pudding, poinsettia punch, even green treats and pinecone dessert. Cranky, he’s one of the oldest Watcher Elves around. He said he was going to sneak some egg nog in. Elves can’t drink eggnog because it makes us act really silly. About a hundred years ago a different elf brought some egg nog into the inventor’s convention and he was caught by Santa Claus. Santa wasn’t very happy and he wouldn’t let him be a watcher elf anymore. Now that elf is in charge of shoveling reindeer poop! I’m not going to go anywhere near the egg nog if Cranky does bring it. I don’t like shoveling reindeer poop, it stinks!!
Oh, before I forget Sam Eagle asked me to tell you that the trees are still playing their first game. The score is now something like one million to nothing. The trees just won’t quit batting.
Be good, I’ll be watching you! Start thinking about what you want from Santa Claus. Christmas is coming fast. Only about 5 months away!
Your Watcher Elf

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Letter from the Easter Rabbit

Dear ——                  Almost Easter Time

Hello there! Rumors have been going around “End of the Rainbow” that you like getting mail. Well, to be truthful Cormick O’ Greene the leprechaun and one of the Watcher Elves told me. So I thought I’d take a short break and write you a letter, you might just be getting other letters from some of the other magical creatures that live here at “End of the Rainbow” also.

Everyone here likes to write letters! So, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a very handsome rabbit, snowy white fur, my long ears have pink insides, a pink nose, brown eyes and right now I am wearing a grass-green vest with different colored eggs sewn on it. It’s my favorite vest and I only wear it at Easter time.

My whole family, for hundreds of years have been Easter Rabbits. I, myself, became the Easter Rabbit about twelve years ago when my father, the last Easter Rabbit retired. He still helps me each year. His favorite job is counting the peanut butter eggs for each of the baskets.

No bunny likes counting the jelly beans, there are just too many of them. I would never get everything done if it wasn’t for all my family and friends. Even the leprechauns help me. They are very good at keeping things hidden. No one ever finds their pots of gold on St. Patrick’s Day. Every year the leprechauns hide my baskets of eggs, chocolate bunnies, toys and jelly beans near the house where they belong. Then on the night before Easter I just have to hop around hiding things and setting out the baskets for each child. The leprechauns make it a lot easier for me since I don’t have a large sleigh like Santa Claus does and carrying all those heavy baskets and things is really hard work. The leprechauns are very nice to help me, don’t you think?

Sometimes on Easter the different watcher elves help me hide all the eggs and things. They also make sure that I get the correct name on each basket in the houses with lots of children. I wouldn’t want some little boy to grab the basket with his name on it and find it full of dolls and doll clothes instead of trucks and other boy things. Most girls don’t like getting trucks or insects either, but boys seem to like those kind of things.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that every year I have to count every single jelly bean, chocolate rabbit, candy egg and colored egg so that every child gets a fair amount of them. That’s a lot of counting, especially for a Rabbit that only has four toes on each foot. The only good thing is that I have lots and lots and lots of rabbit relatives who all come over to help me so I can get everything done in time for Easter.

Well, I’d better get back to my egg coloring and my counting, Easter is coming very soon and I have to be ready.

Your new friend,

Albert Rabbit

The 120th generation of Easter Rabbits.

p.s. In case you don’t know what a generation is I’ll try to explain. Your Great Grandparents are one generation, your Grandparents are another generation, your parents are a generation and you are another generation. So that would make you the 4th generation in your family. There were one hundred and nineteen generations of Easter Rabbits before me! That’s a lot of Easter Rabbits, don’t you think? I couldn’t find a picture of me in my green vest so I couldn’t send you one!

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