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December letter year 2

Merry Christmas

This year I am sending MY Christmas wish list to all the boys and girls on my “extra good” list. Not all the children who write to me are on that list. The “extra good” list is for the children who always do their home work on time and who help at home by doing their chores or by just helping around the house.

This year I would be so happy if instead of asking for three, four, five or more presents you asked for just one less. Then the next time you go shopping with your mom or dad and you see one of those trees with pieces of paper on them you’ll stop and really look at it. Those trees are often called Angel Trees because people who take a name off the tree and buy a gift for a child are real angels. All those papers are children who don’t even have a piece of paper to write me a letter.

If they don’t write ┬áto me I can’t deliver presents to them. If you could find a boy or a girl the same age as you and with your parents help give them one of the gifts you would have asked for, that would make my Christmas very, very merry!

Thank you so much

Santa Claus

P. S. Every year my elves do try to get as many pieces of paper off those trees as they can. But, they are so busy making toys and finding everything that the good children ask for in their letters. They can only help a few of the children. We really hope that you can help us by helping one child.

If you do plan on buying a gift for a girl or boy off an Angel tree please let me know when you write to me. I really love to hear when one of my “extra good” kids does an “extra good” deed.

Thanks again, Santa Claus

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November letter, year 2

Happy Thanksgiving!
Last month was so much fun. Freddy Frankenstein’s Halloween party was a great success. Everyone had so much fun. We even got Fraidy Black Cat to play some of the games. She usually just likes to stand and watch everyone else play.

We had such a great time that when we got home we talked to our parents about doing something really special for Thanksgiving this year. I know that most families want to spend Thanksgiving with their families but we wanted to do something different. We’re having a Thanksgiving party. I don’t think anyone’s ever had a Thanksgiving party before. We are really busy thinking up games and things to do.

We drew our own invitations. I think they turned out pretty good.

We talked to Freddy Frankenstein and he’s helping us plan the games since his party was so much fun. Instead of candy we’re having everyone in End of the Rainbow bring their favorite Thanksgiving food. That way everyone gets to see what other families have and we get to eat lots of food.

The party will be the weekend before Thanksgiving so everyone can still have their own Thanksgiving on the real holiday. I can’t wait until that weekend. I hope everything works out like we plan.

We’re going to be playing Thanksgiving bingo! Taffy found it on the computer when she was visiting our cousins in your world. We don’t have computers here at End of the Rainbow. We could have gone over to Father Time, Cormick Leprechaun or Gretha Tooth Fairy’s houses, they have magical walls that work something like a computer but sometimes they only show New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day and loose tooth things. I can never get them to actually find what I’m looking for. It was easier for Taffy to search for games in your world.

Have you ever played Bingo? Our mom said it would be fun and that everyone, young and old could play at the same time. I hope so. We’re really counting on that game to last most of the afternoon. We have some really great prizes wrapped up for the winners.

Well, we have a lot of planning to do yet so we had better get busy, Thanksgiving is coming fast and we have to be ready. Wish us luck! This is the first party we’ve ever given. I hope it turns out great.

Have you ever planned a party? How did it go? Did everyone have fun? I hope so.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Tom and Taffy Turkey

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October letter, year 2


Rascal Werewolf here. Are you ready for Halloween? I am! I love Halloween. It’s my very most favorite holiday. This year I’m not going trick or treating. A kid in our school, his name is Freddy Frankenstein is having a huge Halloween party. I’ve never been to a real Halloween party before. Freddy invited everyone in End of the Rainbow. It’s going to be so much fun I can’t wait. Mom said Gordy Ghost and I can go trick and treating before the party. I’m dressing up as my favorite super hero this year. I’m going as SuperWerewolf. He’s this way cool super hero that saves holiday keepers every week on TV. I never miss watching it. It’s my very most favorite TV program. All my friends watch it also. At school we all pretend we’re SuperWerewolf. It’s really funny when Gordy Ghost, Freddy Frankenstein or Cassie Witch pretend they are SuperWerewolf because they don’t look like a werewolf at all. I am a werewolf so most of the time I get to be SuperWerewolf and the rest pretend they are the holiday keepers that I save. Its lots of fun.

Freddy said his parents have lots of fun games for us to play at the party and lots of candy so no one will mind not going trick or treating. I can’t wait until Halloween night and we can all go to the party. Have you ever been to a Halloween party?
Your super hero friend
Rascal Werewolf

Fraidy Black Cat here. I know Rascal told you all about the big party. It is so exciting getting ready for it. Last year I dressed up like a princess. I love wearing princess clothes but this year I think I’ll wear something more Halloweeny. Mom suggested I go as a witch. It would almost be like wearing a princess dress except it would be black and I do like the big hat. So I think I’ll be a witch this year. I’m s little scared about going to the party. I don’t like going out trick and treating, those scary costumes scare me. Maybe it won’t be so bad because Freddy said all of us kids will be in one part of the yard playing games and things while the scary adults will be on the other side.

Rascal thinks I’m a real fraidy cat because the spooky Halloween thing scares me a little bit. I don’t care what he thinks, I like staying home and giving out the candy. Maybe Freddy will let me hand out the candy for the games. That would be fun. I’ll have to ask him at school on Monday. I hope he says yes.

What are you wearing for Halloween? Do you like the spooky costumes? I don’t! I do like all the candy though.

Happy Halloween
Fraidy Black Cat

P. S. I talked to Freddy at school. He said if I really wanted to hand out the candy prizes I could. Yippee! This party is going to be lots of fun! Have a great Halloween.
Your friends Rascal Werewolf and Fraidy Black Cat and everyone from End of the Rainbow

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September letter year 2


I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the fantastic place we live in. Our world is very, very old. It was very, very old when the first holiday keepers moved here thousands and thousands of years ago.

As you already know each of the holiday keepers has their own special magic. That’s how we make every holiday so special. Well, our world has its own magic also. We can’t control it but we have learned how to live with it.

For example, the weather here is always perfect, but… if you want to walk in the rain all you have to do is wish real hard and poof!

You’re walking in the rain, but if you’re walking with someone, like Cormick or Gretha and they don’t want to get wet, well the rain only falls on you. It won’t even splash on them.

Or if you are really hot and want to cool down fast, all you have to do is wish real hard for snow and it will snow on you. If you’re standing in a flower garden then the snow melts before it hurts the flowers.

We also have places in ‘End of the Rainbow’ where the weather never changes, even if you wish really, really hard. One of those places is where the Watcher Elf hotel is, there is a really huge mountain of snow behind the hotel. It never melts. No one ever sees it snow but every day the snow is all new and clean. It’s a great place to ski or have a snow ball fight. There are hundreds of tunnels and forts all over the mountain that are just perfect for an all day snowball fight.

Even the Watcher Elves don’t know where the snow actually comes from but everyone agrees that it’s a great place to go and play.

My very favorite place in all of ‘End of the Rainbow’ is on the west side of Rainbow. It’s a large park with lots of tall trees. It is always fall there. The trees are always the most fantastic oranges, yellow, red and gold. Unlike in your world these trees never lose their leaves in the winter or grow new green ones in the spring. It is always fall, the air is always cold and crisp, but not real cold like in winter. It also smells like hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate, especially on chilly fall days.

My most favorite things are walking through crunchy bright colored fall leaves thinking about painting the leaves in your world, then going home and having a big cup of hot chocolate. That is the most perfect way to spend a day. How would you spend a perfect day if you could do anything you wanted to?

I get my best ideas when I’m in the Fall Park. Where do you go to get ideas?

Well I’d better get moving it’s almost time to finish painting all your leaves so you can have a wonderful, fantastic fall day.

Your fall friend

Artie Wood Elf

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August letter year 2

How are you doing?
Your Watcher Elf here again! This month is so much fun. All of the Holiday Keepers go on vacation and leave ‘End of the Rainbow’ to us Watcher Elves.
We are having our yearly gathering to learn all about the new inventions the North Pole have come up with. Some of the things they bring to show us are great but some of them are total disasters. Last time they brought a pen that was suppose to deliver our reports to Santa Claus without us having to send them by bird messenger. It worked fine except it wrote everything in the Martian language and no one on this planet, including Santa could read them. We sent them to Mars and they said they are working out wonderfully for them.
Another invention that didn’t work very well were glasses that we were supposed to wear to be able to see through the walls of your houses. They worked okay but we kept forgetting we had them on and about two hundred Watcher elves got hurt walking into the walls thinking they weren’t there. My nose got bent to one side when I crashed into the wall of your house, the glasses made me think the wall wasn’t there. At least, until I hit it, Ouch!!
Even if all the inventions aren’t great, the food is! This year my friends Star and Sweeper are in charge of the food. Star said they were making Crispy snow sandwiches, which are one of my favorites! Winter goulash, Holly berry pudding, poinsettia punch, even green treats and pinecone dessert. Cranky, he’s one of the oldest Watcher Elves around. He said he was going to sneak some egg nog in. Elves can’t drink eggnog because it makes us act really silly. About a hundred years ago a different elf brought some egg nog into the inventor’s convention and he was caught by Santa Claus. Santa wasn’t very happy and he wouldn’t let him be a watcher elf anymore. Now that elf is in charge of shoveling reindeer poop! I’m not going to go anywhere near the egg nog if Cranky does bring it. I don’t like shoveling reindeer poop, it stinks!!
Oh, before I forget Sam Eagle asked me to tell you that the trees are still playing their first game. The score is now something like one million to nothing. The trees just won’t quit batting.
Be good, I’ll be watching you! Start thinking about what you want from Santa Claus. Christmas is coming fast. Only about 5 months away!
Your Watcher Elf

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A Letter to Kids from Cupid

Dear —

You probably don’t like my holiday much, most kids don’t! It’s really not about kissing and that kind of things. Valentine’s Day is about being nice to your friends. One of my favorite things to do is to send cards to my very best friends but I don’t sign the cards so no one knows who sent them.

I send out about a million, zillion cards and sometimes I just get tired of signing my name to all those cards so that’s when I send them without my name on them. I spend most of my time on February 14th shooting adults with my magical bow and arrows. When I shoot them with my magic arrows it makes them fall in love. Adults are very crazy when they fall in love on Valentine’s day.

I don’t shoot kids because they already know how to love. You love your family and friends without me helping you. Valentine’s Day is a great day to remember how much your family and friends mean to you and to let them know by either buying them a card or doing my favorite thing. I love it when kids and adults make their own cards to give to their families and friends.

Have you ever tried to make your own cards? It’s really easy. All you need is some white, pink and red paper. You can cut out hearts and glue them on to another piece of paper. You can write a poem if you want to, I’m not very good with poems so I usually just say “Happy Valentine’s Day” on all my cards.

Do you like getting Valentine’s cards? I do! I always keep my cards in a large box in my closet. Recently I had to add a tenth closet to my house to hold all the cards I get each year.

Have a very happy wonderful Valentine Day.

Crazy Cupid

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