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October letter, year 2


Rascal Werewolf here. Are you ready for Halloween? I am! I love Halloween. It’s my very most favorite holiday. This year I’m not going trick or treating. A kid in our school, his name is Freddy Frankenstein is having a huge Halloween party. I’ve never been to a real Halloween party before. Freddy invited everyone in End of the Rainbow. It’s going to be so much fun I can’t wait. Mom said Gordy Ghost and I can go trick and treating before the party. I’m dressing up as my favorite super hero this year. I’m going as SuperWerewolf. He’s this way cool super hero that saves holiday keepers every week on TV. I never miss watching it. It’s my very most favorite TV program. All my friends watch it also. At school we all pretend we’re SuperWerewolf. It’s really funny when Gordy Ghost, Freddy Frankenstein or Cassie Witch pretend they are SuperWerewolf because they don’t look like a werewolf at all. I am a werewolf so most of the time I get to be SuperWerewolf and the rest pretend they are the holiday keepers that I save. Its lots of fun.

Freddy said his parents have lots of fun games for us to play at the party and lots of candy so no one will mind not going trick or treating. I can’t wait until Halloween night and we can all go to the party. Have you ever been to a Halloween party?
Your super hero friend
Rascal Werewolf

Fraidy Black Cat here. I know Rascal told you all about the big party. It is so exciting getting ready for it. Last year I dressed up like a princess. I love wearing princess clothes but this year I think I’ll wear something more Halloweeny. Mom suggested I go as a witch. It would almost be like wearing a princess dress except it would be black and I do like the big hat. So I think I’ll be a witch this year. I’m s little scared about going to the party. I don’t like going out trick and treating, those scary costumes scare me. Maybe it won’t be so bad because Freddy said all of us kids will be in one part of the yard playing games and things while the scary adults will be on the other side.

Rascal thinks I’m a real fraidy cat because the spooky Halloween thing scares me a little bit. I don’t care what he thinks, I like staying home and giving out the candy. Maybe Freddy will let me hand out the candy for the games. That would be fun. I’ll have to ask him at school on Monday. I hope he says yes.

What are you wearing for Halloween? Do you like the spooky costumes? I don’t! I do like all the candy though.

Happy Halloween
Fraidy Black Cat

P. S. I talked to Freddy at school. He said if I really wanted to hand out the candy prizes I could. Yippee! This party is going to be lots of fun! Have a great Halloween.
Your friends Rascal Werewolf and Fraidy Black Cat and everyone from End of the Rainbow

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September letter year 2


I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the fantastic place we live in. Our world is very, very old. It was very, very old when the first holiday keepers moved here thousands and thousands of years ago.

As you already know each of the holiday keepers has their own special magic. That’s how we make every holiday so special. Well, our world has its own magic also. We can’t control it but we have learned how to live with it.

For example, the weather here is always perfect, but… if you want to walk in the rain all you have to do is wish real hard and poof!

You’re walking in the rain, but if you’re walking with someone, like Cormick or Gretha and they don’t want to get wet, well the rain only falls on you. It won’t even splash on them.

Or if you are really hot and want to cool down fast, all you have to do is wish real hard for snow and it will snow on you. If you’re standing in a flower garden then the snow melts before it hurts the flowers.

We also have places in ‘End of the Rainbow’ where the weather never changes, even if you wish really, really hard. One of those places is where the Watcher Elf hotel is, there is a really huge mountain of snow behind the hotel. It never melts. No one ever sees it snow but every day the snow is all new and clean. It’s a great place to ski or have a snow ball fight. There are hundreds of tunnels and forts all over the mountain that are just perfect for an all day snowball fight.

Even the Watcher Elves don’t know where the snow actually comes from but everyone agrees that it’s a great place to go and play.

My very favorite place in all of ‘End of the Rainbow’ is on the west side of Rainbow. It’s a large park with lots of tall trees. It is always fall there. The trees are always the most fantastic oranges, yellow, red and gold. Unlike in your world these trees never lose their leaves in the winter or grow new green ones in the spring. It is always fall, the air is always cold and crisp, but not real cold like in winter. It also smells like hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate, especially on chilly fall days.

My most favorite things are walking through crunchy bright colored fall leaves thinking about painting the leaves in your world, then going home and having a big cup of hot chocolate. That is the most perfect way to spend a day. How would you spend a perfect day if you could do anything you wanted to?

I get my best ideas when I’m in the Fall Park. Where do you go to get ideas?

Well I’d better get moving it’s almost time to finish painting all your leaves so you can have a wonderful, fantastic fall day.

Your fall friend

Artie Wood Elf

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May letter year 2

Oh hi!

This has been a very exciting spring. I know the flowers are just beginning to pop up where you live but here they are always wide awake.

After my sister flower fairies and I sang and danced all of your flowers awake we wanted to do something really different and exciting.

Some of the bravest flower fairies have been hollyhock climbing for several years but my sisters and I have been too frightened to try it. In case you don’t know hollyhocks are very, very tall flowers. They can be almost nine feet tall. Their stems almost reach up to the sky. They have flowers at the very top that look like bells. The flowers can be almost any color, white, pink, yellow, blue, purple and sometimes even almost black. My favorite colors are the purple and yellow ones.

The number one main rule of flower climbing is that we can’t use our wings unless we fall off the flower stems. It’s really scary climbing that high without using our wings. I’m afraid of high places!

But this year we decided to try it. I was really scared but Zaizy and Waizy, our climbing teachers started us on gladioli, they are kind of like hollyhocks only not as tall. Zaizy and Waizy are both champion climbers. There isn’t a flower anywhere that they haven’t climbed. I was really scared at first but it was kind of fun. Since then I’ve gone a lot of times and now I am ready to try my first hollyhock. Every time I go climbing I try to go higher than the last time. I still haven’t reached the top of any flowers yet but by the end of summer I plan on sitting inside a bright purple hollyhock! That will be so cool!

What do you plan on doing during your summer vacation?

I don’t suppose humans can climb hollyhocks, you’re too big, but I hope you find something exciting to do.

Happy May Day!

Your friend

Maizy Flower Fairy

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St. Patrick’s Day letter year 2

Top O’ the Mornin’

Once again it is my favorite time of the year. It’s St. Patrick’s Day! All the leprechauns in the world are celebrating right now! We start a wee bit earlier than you humans do, we love parties!

I know there are lots of parades on St. Patrick’s Day and everyone wears green and tries to be Irish, at least for that day. Here at ‘End of the Rainbow’ it’s a real celebration for all of us leprechauns. We do love to party!

Unlike most of the other Holiday keepers we really don’t have to do anything special for St. Patrick’s day except keep our pots of gold safely hidden. For some reason a lot of you big people think it’s easier to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s day. It’s not! It’s actually harder because we’re all here having a great big party.

Last year my 25 times Great Uncle Connor O’Connor escaped from the humans who had caught him over 300 years ago. Well actually it wasn’t the same people but the same family. You humnas don’t live 300 years like us leprechauns do. He doesn’t talk about it much but he did say they never tricked him into telling them where his gold was hidden. It’s hard to trick a leprechaun, we are the kings of tricks, and we know all the tricks in the whole universe.

This year we are having all of my 25 times great Uncle’s favorite foods because he hasn’t been to a party in over 300 years. Last year he was too weak from being gone so long to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. He’s ready to party now!

We’re having spinach sauce and soda bread, potatoes and corned beef. Green grog. Young leprechauns drink green soda pop! We’re also having green chips, fish fries and green jello and green cookies.

There will be all day soccer games and lots of dancing. Leprechauns love to play soccer and dance all night.

I hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day and I hope you have lots of time to dance a jig (that’s an Irish dance that we leprechauns love to dance).

Your favorite Leprechaun

Cormick O’Greene

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A Thanksgiving Letter for Kids

Happy Thanksgiving,

 Do you like Thanksgiving Day? We do! Our whole family gets together and we have a great time.

We have a great big dinner. My favorite is sunflower seed pie and the seed casserole our Mom makes.

All of our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents come and they all bring their favorite food so we have a lot to eat all day. That’s my favorite part of any holiday. I like all the food especially the desserts. Seed cakes, seed pies, seed cookies, seed ice cream. I love all of it. What’s your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?

Tom Turkey

My brother Tom never stops eating, if he didn’t like running so much he would probably get fat on holidays, but he always comes in first at all the races here.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when we’re done eating (except for Tom, he never stops) we all gather in one room to play the Memory game.

Our Grandfather made it up a few years ago when everyone just sat around watching TV or doing nothing. He said we shouldn’t waste our holidays like that. We should all feel glad that we can celebrate Thanksgiving with our whole family. So now every year we play the Memory game.

It’s real easy. We just have to tell a favorite memory we have. It can be about anything and it doesn’t matter if we tell about the same memory every year. Some memories are so wonderful that it’s fun to hear them again every year.

I’ve spent a long, long time thinking about my memory for this year. There have been so many things happening around here this year. I decided my most favorite memory this year happened before Easter.

At End of the Rainbow we celebrate lots of holidays but just like humans some holidays are more important than others. At Easter all the girls and women in End of the Rainbow get a new fancy hat for the big Easter parade. The boys don’t wear fancy hats but some of them will decorate their baseball hats with Easter things. Anyway my Grandma said that when she was my age they all made their own hats. So that’s what we did.

My Grandmas, Aunts, Cousins, Mom, lots of our friends and I all got together one weekend and made our own hats. Mine had lots of pink and purple feathers on it and lots of long colorful ribbons hanging down the back. We didn’t win any of the prizes but everyone liked them. We all had so much fun making them, we just laughed and talked all weekend, that’s my favorite memory.

Taffy Turkey

I suppose Taffy’s favorite memory is all about those silly Easter hats they made. Hers was so huge and covered in so many feathers you couldn’t even see her face.

Anyway my favorite memory this year was when Grandpa, Dad, my Uncles, boy cousins and I all went camping and fishing for a whole week during the summer. We spent the whole week out on the edge of the Enchanted Forest finding our own food and just hanging out. It was so great!

Tom Turkey

What would you tell about if you had to come up with a favorite memory at your family’s Thanksgiving this year? Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom and Taffy Turkey

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Halloween Letter for Kids

Happy Howl-o-ween!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It is way cool! I love dressing up in scary, well not too scary, costumes and getting lots and lots of candy. This year my best friend, Gordy Ghost and I are going out trick and treating together. Gordy is wearing a werewolf costume so he’ll look like me and I’m wearing a ghost costume. It is going to be way cool! It’ll be so much fun. We’re going to trick everyone in End of the Rainbow.

I’ll bet everyone will think I’m Gordy and they’ll call Gordy Rascal. Way Cool!

This year my dad said we can go up to the houses all by ourselves. He’ll wait for us on the sidewalk, that’s so cool. Last year he went up to all the doors with us.

I wanted Fraidy Black Cat to come with us but she’s too afraid. She never goes trick or treating. Mom said that was okay because someone has to stay home to give out the candy. Mom and my little brother and sister do that at my house.

Are you going to wear a costume at Halloween? What are you dressing up like? It would be way cool if you were to dress up like a ghost or a werewolf also, but it doesn’t really matter what you wear because Halloween is just way cool and lots of fun.

I can’t wait to go trick or treating again. Well, I’d better go, Fraidy Black Cat, my very best friend is here and she’ afraid I’m going to use up all the paper.

Happy Trick and treating

Rascal Werewolf


I am not afraid, Rascal just says that because my name is Fraidy. I was named after my Great, Great, Great Grandma. I’m not afraid of trick or treating I just like staying home better.

I think it’s a lot more fun to answer the door and try to guess who they are. Sometimes it’s real easy to guess which of our friends it is, but some of the costumes are really scary and I don’t know who they are until they say Trick or Treat.

Sometimes I recognize their voices but not all the time. I always know Rascal even if I can’t see his face. He always says ‘Way Cool!’ when you give him candy.

The funniest person I ever saw was last Halloween. All the Holiday Keepers dressed up as each other and went trick or treating. They went out in twos and they dressed up as each other. Cormick The leprechaun and Albert Rabbit were together. Cormick wore huge white fuzzy rabbit ears, Albert’s favorite Easter vest and pink bunny slippers.

Albert wore Cormick’s big green hat with his ears tucked inside it. He had on Cormick’s green jacket with the gold trim. They were so funny looking. Cormick kept trying to wiggle his nose like Albert and Albert kept saying “Top of the Halloween morn to ye” even though it was night and dark outside.

I laughed so hard I almost dropped our big bowl of candy. It was also funny seeing Jak Jester wearing Crazy Cupid’s clothes and trying to shoot his bow and arrow. Cupid looked strange in Jak’s jester outfit.

I’d better go Mom’s making me a princess outfit this year and we still need to finish the crown and I’m gluing shiny sequins on an old pair of shoes to make them really sparkly.

Have a safe and fun Halloween

Fraidy Black Cat

PS I didn’t know the other keepers dressed up as each other last year I wish I could have seen them! It would have been way cool! Rascal

PS You could have seen them, Rascal if you had stayed home and helped hand out candy like I do! Fraidy

PS No way! I like getting lots of candy. That’s way cool! Rascal

PS I get lots of candy but I don’t have to get cold and tired getting it. Fraidy

PS Mom said we should stop arguing, both of us are doing Halloween the way we enjoy it so that makes it right for both of us.

Happy Halloween

Rascal and Fraidy

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4th of July Letter from Sam Eagle

Hi,              almost time for the 4th of July

How are you spending your 4th of July? I plan on being very busy making sure everyone has a safe picnic, parade or whatever they are planning for the holiday. Did you know that the 4th of July is the birthday of America? Lots of people forget that. They make all kinds of plans for picnics, parties, parades and they totally forget why they are celebrating. This year America will be over 230 years old. That’s not very old for a country. I’ll bet that you know that America is one of the best countries to live in. Even though there have been some bad years it is still one of the best countries to live in.

Do you know why? America is great because so many adults work their whole lives making it a safe place to live. Every day they do their jobs keeping the rest of us safe. I think it would be a very good idea if on this 4th of July or the next time you go to a parade with your family and you see a soldier, sailor, police or a fireman that you say thank you to them. No one ever says thank you enough, especially to the adults who keep us safe and free. Next time you see a police or fireman, maybe you can say thank you. It would make them very happy and me too.

I wish we had some of your firemen, police, soldiers and sailors here at End of the Rainbow. They might be able to fix our rain problem. It is still raining. For three months it has been raining every day. We are now wading through waist deep water. It is really miserable, especially since I have been waiting all winter for the baseball season to start. I was really disappointed last month because I thought we would have to cancel the entire baseball season because of all the water. Luckily for us all the coaches and umpires got together and decided that we could play our home games in one of the other towns. It’s not as much fun as playing at End of the Rainbow but it is a lot drier.

Last year the Rainbow sluggers, that’s us! We came in second in the Enchanted series. That’s something like your world series. This year I don’t think we’ll do so well. The Mighty Maggots from Bugsville have an awesome pitcher. His name is Impossible Caterpillar. He can throw six balls at the same time. Three balls from his right hands and three balls from his left hands. You never know which ball to swing at.

He is also a fantastic hitter. He bats both left-handed and right-handed at the same time also. Peter Piper from Fairy Tale town said he had heard that Impossible can actually swing four and six bats at once but the umpires and coaches made a new rule this year that you can only use two bats at a time. This si lucky for the rest of us because we can only use one bat and none of us are as good as Impossible. He’s a really fast runner too. He wears special elf made running shoes on his twenty-four feet.

My guess is that the Maggots will win the championship this year. No one on any of the teams can hit the ball when Impossible pitches. As of right now the Maggots haven’t lost one game. Our team, the Rainbow Sluggers is tied for third place with the Fairy Tale Terrors. The Mountain Giants are in second place right now, but we still have two months of playing to catch up to the Giants.

Before I forget, I get really excited about baseball and sometimes forget about the problem here. I think both Maizy and Jasper had told you about the problems going on here. ONe of the reasons we’re only in third place is because Crazy Cupid is still missing and he is one of our best out fielders. Also Albert Rabbit isn’t playing this summer. He has come out of hiding, sort of. He’s been seen a few times around End of the Rainbow but he won’t go to any of the other towns with the team. His fur still hasn’t grown back, but it’s not too bad because he’s still very colorful.

When he fainted he fell into all the spilled dye and now his head is purple, his back is green, his left arm is pink, his right arm yellow, his left leg is red and his right leg is blue. The rest of his body is a bright swirled mix of all the other colors. He’s really quite pretty but I wouldn’t tell him that. He is still so upset over everything.

At our last meeting we found out that Cormick has lost most of his gold, Albert just discovered his lucky baby shoe is gone. It’s kind of like a lucky rabbit foot that many of you humans carry. I’ve lost my magical flag, and we still don’t have any clue who is taking everything or why it won’t stop raining.

Well, I’d better go we have a game tonight against the Bugtown Ants. Hope you enjoy your summer!

Happy 4th of July

Sam Eagle

p. s. Don’t forget to say thank you to all the police, firemen, soldiers and sailors you see.

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