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December letter year 2

Merry Christmas

This year I am sending MY Christmas wish list to all the boys and girls on my “extra good” list. Not all the children who write to me are on that list. The “extra good” list is for the children who always do their home work on time and who help at home by doing their chores or by just helping around the house.

This year I would be so happy if instead of asking for three, four, five or more presents you asked for just one less. Then the next time you go shopping with your mom or dad and you see one of those trees with pieces of paper on them you’ll stop and really look at it. Those trees are often called Angel Trees because people who take a name off the tree and buy a gift for a child are real angels. All those papers are children who don’t even have a piece of paper to write me a letter.

If they don’t write  to me I can’t deliver presents to them. If you could find a boy or a girl the same age as you and with your parents help give them one of the gifts you would have asked for, that would make my Christmas very, very merry!

Thank you so much

Santa Claus

P. S. Every year my elves do try to get as many pieces of paper off those trees as they can. But, they are so busy making toys and finding everything that the good children ask for in their letters. They can only help a few of the children. We really hope that you can help us by helping one child.

If you do plan on buying a gift for a girl or boy off an Angel tree please let me know when you write to me. I really love to hear when one of my “extra good” kids does an “extra good” deed.

Thanks again, Santa Claus

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September letter year 2


I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the fantastic place we live in. Our world is very, very old. It was very, very old when the first holiday keepers moved here thousands and thousands of years ago.

As you already know each of the holiday keepers has their own special magic. That’s how we make every holiday so special. Well, our world has its own magic also. We can’t control it but we have learned how to live with it.

For example, the weather here is always perfect, but… if you want to walk in the rain all you have to do is wish real hard and poof!

You’re walking in the rain, but if you’re walking with someone, like Cormick or Gretha and they don’t want to get wet, well the rain only falls on you. It won’t even splash on them.

Or if you are really hot and want to cool down fast, all you have to do is wish real hard for snow and it will snow on you. If you’re standing in a flower garden then the snow melts before it hurts the flowers.

We also have places in ‘End of the Rainbow’ where the weather never changes, even if you wish really, really hard. One of those places is where the Watcher Elf hotel is, there is a really huge mountain of snow behind the hotel. It never melts. No one ever sees it snow but every day the snow is all new and clean. It’s a great place to ski or have a snow ball fight. There are hundreds of tunnels and forts all over the mountain that are just perfect for an all day snowball fight.

Even the Watcher Elves don’t know where the snow actually comes from but everyone agrees that it’s a great place to go and play.

My very favorite place in all of ‘End of the Rainbow’ is on the west side of Rainbow. It’s a large park with lots of tall trees. It is always fall there. The trees are always the most fantastic oranges, yellow, red and gold. Unlike in your world these trees never lose their leaves in the winter or grow new green ones in the spring. It is always fall, the air is always cold and crisp, but not real cold like in winter. It also smells like hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate, especially on chilly fall days.

My most favorite things are walking through crunchy bright colored fall leaves thinking about painting the leaves in your world, then going home and having a big cup of hot chocolate. That is the most perfect way to spend a day. How would you spend a perfect day if you could do anything you wanted to?

I get my best ideas when I’m in the Fall Park. Where do you go to get ideas?

Well I’d better get moving it’s almost time to finish painting all your leaves so you can have a wonderful, fantastic fall day.

Your fall friend

Artie Wood Elf

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July letter year 2

Happy 4th of July

Your country is another year older and I’m sure you’ll be enjoying all the holiday fun with your family. Are you having a good summer? WE are!

This year the Bugsville Maggot’s aren’t playing as well as they did last year. Impossible Caterpillar is still stiff and sore from all of his broken arms and legs so he isn’t playing very good! The Rainbow Sluggers, our team is actually in second place right now. The Fairy Tale Terrors are in first place. In the Giant league The Mighty Oaks are in first place. Of course, they are still playing their first game because no pitcher can get the trees out. They have been batting for almost two months. The score against the Giant’s is 89,999 to 0. The trees will probably still be playing their first game when the season finally ends.

When I’m not playing baseball during the summer I like to read. Do you like to read on hot lazy summer days? I just finished a really great book, I don’t think you can find it in your world but it was about being a holiday keeper. It was a nonfiction book and told all about the first holiday keepers and how things have changed over the years.

Father Time and I have been trying to talk Albert Rabbit into writing the story of last years theft of all his jelly beans. He doesn’t want to write about it because it still upsets him to think about it. Maybe one of us other keepers should write about it. i think it would be a very fun story, especially the part where Albert fell into the spilled dye and is now a brightly colored Rabbit.

Have a happy and safe holiday and remember to thank all the police, firemen, soldiers and others who keep everyone safe.

Sam Eagle

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June letter year 2


Do you like my green leaves and grass? I hope so. I had a great time painting them. I had to get everything ready early this year so I could practice playing baseball. I’m going to be the catcher on the Rainbow Sluggers this year. Last year I was out in the outfield and didn’t get to catch any balls. Hope I do better this year.

I am so excited about it, I love playing baseball. This year there have been so many changes. The main new change is we don’t have to play the giants anymore! That’s because of what happened to the Bugsville Maggot’s star player last year. Impossible Caterpillar was hurt real bad when one of the Giant’s accidentally stepped on him.

It was really scary because he could have been squashed like a bug! Now we have a new separate baseball league just for the giants, orcs, trolls, centaurs and all the other really huge creatures. The other league is just for us littler creatures.

While Impossible Caterpillar was healing from all of his broken arms and legs, the other teams tried to get him to play for them. Impossible is such an incredible player that any team that has him playing for them will win the whole season. Father Time went and talked to him. We didn’t do too good last year and could really use a great player like that.

The Bugsville Maggot’s would have won last year if it hadn’t been for the Giant’s. Impossible Caterpillar finally decided to stay with the Maggots because he didn’t want to move to ‘End of the Rainbow’ or any other place. You have to live in the town you play for. Impossible Caterpillar has six hundred children and he thought it would be too difficult to move everyone here.

Last month a bunch of us went to Giantland to see their new ball park. They finally finished building it. They are so proud of it. Lando Giant, their catcher said it is the first time they actually have a place to play that is big enough for them. They actually have to run the bases now. On our field they just took one step and went from one base to the other!

Rascal Werewolf and Jak Jester decided to run the bases while we were there. The rest of us left them and came back to ‘End of the Rainbow’. Rascal and Jak came home two weeks later, they said they had run for the whole two weeks without stopping and they hadn’t even made it half way around the bases. We couldn’t even see all the bases when we were there. Sam Eagle flew up into the sky as high as he could go and he said he couldn’t even see all the bases. There are miles and miles between the bases.

Rascal did say that some of the trees from the Enchanted Forest have formed a team and joined the Giant’s league. They call themselves The Mighty Oaks. They don’t use bats. Instead they just swing their branches at the ball. Rascal said they run really slow but it doesn’t matter because all of the trees hit home runs every time they bat!

No one has seen either Rascal or Jak since they came back. Fraidy Black Cat said they are both still sleeping. I hope they wake up in time for our first ball game. We are playing the Fairy Tale Terrors.

Have a great summer,

Jasper Sprite

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May letter year 2

Oh hi!

This has been a very exciting spring. I know the flowers are just beginning to pop up where you live but here they are always wide awake.

After my sister flower fairies and I sang and danced all of your flowers awake we wanted to do something really different and exciting.

Some of the bravest flower fairies have been hollyhock climbing for several years but my sisters and I have been too frightened to try it. In case you don’t know hollyhocks are very, very tall flowers. They can be almost nine feet tall. Their stems almost reach up to the sky. They have flowers at the very top that look like bells. The flowers can be almost any color, white, pink, yellow, blue, purple and sometimes even almost black. My favorite colors are the purple and yellow ones.

The number one main rule of flower climbing is that we can’t use our wings unless we fall off the flower stems. It’s really scary climbing that high without using our wings. I’m afraid of high places!

But this year we decided to try it. I was really scared but Zaizy and Waizy, our climbing teachers started us on gladioli, they are kind of like hollyhocks only not as tall. Zaizy and Waizy are both champion climbers. There isn’t a flower anywhere that they haven’t climbed. I was really scared at first but it was kind of fun. Since then I’ve gone a lot of times and now I am ready to try my first hollyhock. Every time I go climbing I try to go higher than the last time. I still haven’t reached the top of any flowers yet but by the end of summer I plan on sitting inside a bright purple hollyhock! That will be so cool!

What do you plan on doing during your summer vacation?

I don’t suppose humans can climb hollyhocks, you’re too big, but I hope you find something exciting to do.

Happy May Day!

Your friend

Maizy Flower Fairy

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Easter letter year 2

Happy Easter

Have you got your basket all ready for me? I hope so! I have lots of stuff to put in it for you. We have been so busy this year making all the good stuff for Easter. When all the jelly beans were stolen after Easter last year I put new locks on all my factories so all the candy would be safe.

The only problem I had was with my 37 times removed, cousin, your Mom can explain that one to you. All I know is that Aubrey is a very distant, distant cousin. He showed up last winter wanting to learn the Easter business. He is always willing to do anything I tell him to do. He is a good worker and a very friendly fun Rabbit, but ………. I do have a problem with him.

Aubrey has a terrible sweet tooth. He can’t stop eating candy. At first I had him count the jelly beans as they were drying, but he ate half of them every day. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough left for Easter, so I moved him. Next we had him wrapping the chocolate rabbits until someone noticed they looked funny. We unwrapped a few and found out that Aubrey had eaten the ears off of all the chocolate rabbits. We had to throw away all the ones without ears and make new ones so all the kids could eat their ears off on Easter morning.

I finally came up with a really great idea for Aubrey. I told him to count all the chocolate and filled Easter eggs. They were already wrapped so I thought they would be safe. I didn’t notice the straw he carried in his back pocket! He stuck the straw in through the wrapper and sucked out all the insides of the peanut butter eggs, the strawberry creme filled eggs and the coconut eggs. After we replaced all those eggs I was at a complete lost what to do with Aubrey. He wants to help so badly but he just can’t leave the candy alone.

Yesterday Jasper Sprite suggested I have Aubrey put the colored grass in the Easter baskets. That way he would be in a factory that didn’t have any candy in it. So far so good. He’s putting just enough grass in each basket to make them look fantastic. He isn’t sneaking any candy, or at least not any that we’ve found yet. Now I can worry about getting the right candy in the right baskets for every child.

Oh oh! Benjymmy Rabbit is running from the malted milk egg factory. Benjymmy never runs. He says nothing is that important to make him run. He’s running as fast as he can! This can’t be good!

Two days later!

Sorry about the delay. We had a real problem. Benjymmy, you remember he was the one who came running to get me. He found a huge pile, at least 7 feet high, of wrappers from all kinds of Easter candy. Someone had broken into our storage building and ate all of the candy we had kept there. We asked everyone and Aubrey finally admitted he had gotten in there and ate all the candy. Now he is working in the stuffed animal factory which is as far away from the candy factories as I can get him. We also have several large tough bunnies named Fluffy and Downy watching him all the time. They both have black belts in fighting. Black belts are awards for being the very best fighters in ‘End of the Rainbow’. Fluffy and Downy sound like they would be big friendly cuddly rabbits but they are not. Fluffy has a black belt in kicking, he has the biggest back feet I have ever seen on a rabbit. Downy also has a black belt but his is in biting. His front teeth are huge! Both of them are the very best fighters we have, but they only fight in contests or to protect themselves or someone else. They never start fights or even like fighting just to hurt someone. We haven’t told Aubrey that yet, he thinks they’ll fight him if he tries to steal any more candy.

Aubrey is terrified of them so he hasn’t even tried to get into any of the candy factories. I should have all the candy I need on Easter Morning!

I’ll be seeing you Easter Morning, you’ll probably still be asleep but I’ll look in on you anyway. Happy Easter!

Albert Rabbit

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April Fool’s Day letter year 2


Guess what time it is? Yup, you’re right! It’s time for jokes and tricks again. I love April Fool’s Day. So does my best friend Bentley Unicorn. We’re all ready to go to every house and play our tricks.

I have my list all ready of all the places I’m going to play tricks this year. At some houses I plan on moving the furniture when no one is looking. At other places we’ll hide things.

Your name is on my list but I’m not going to tell you what I’m planning on doing. You’ll just have to wait and see, or maybe trip over something. I hope I really trick you, maybe I’ll hide your favorite toy and it will take you a long time to find it. Or maybe I’ll hide your TV remote so you can’t change the channel and will have to watch the same thing all week.

Maybe I’ll move your bed while you’re sleeping, that would be a really neat trick! Those are some of my very most favorite tricks to play. 

Have a fun April Fool’s Day! I’ll be seeing you but you won’t see me!

Jak Jester

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