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December letter year 2

Merry Christmas

This year I am sending MY Christmas wish list to all the boys and girls on my “extra good” list. Not all the children who write to me are on that list. The “extra good” list is for the children who always do their home work on time and who help at home by doing their chores or by just helping around the house.

This year I would be so happy if instead of asking for three, four, five or more presents you asked for just one less. Then the next time you go shopping with your mom or dad and you see one of those trees with pieces of paper on them you’ll stop and really look at it. Those trees are often called Angel Trees because people who take a name off the tree and buy a gift for a child are real angels. All those papers are children who don’t even have a piece of paper to write me a letter.

If they don’t write  to me I can’t deliver presents to them. If you could find a boy or a girl the same age as you and with your parents help give them one of the gifts you would have asked for, that would make my Christmas very, very merry!

Thank you so much

Santa Claus

P. S. Every year my elves do try to get as many pieces of paper off those trees as they can. But, they are so busy making toys and finding everything that the good children ask for in their letters. They can only help a few of the children. We really hope that you can help us by helping one child.

If you do plan on buying a gift for a girl or boy off an Angel tree please let me know when you write to me. I really love to hear when one of my “extra good” kids does an “extra good” deed.

Thanks again, Santa Claus

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August letter year 2

How are you doing?
Your Watcher Elf here again! This month is so much fun. All of the Holiday Keepers go on vacation and leave ‘End of the Rainbow’ to us Watcher Elves.
We are having our yearly gathering to learn all about the new inventions the North Pole have come up with. Some of the things they bring to show us are great but some of them are total disasters. Last time they brought a pen that was suppose to deliver our reports to Santa Claus without us having to send them by bird messenger. It worked fine except it wrote everything in the Martian language and no one on this planet, including Santa could read them. We sent them to Mars and they said they are working out wonderfully for them.
Another invention that didn’t work very well were glasses that we were supposed to wear to be able to see through the walls of your houses. They worked okay but we kept forgetting we had them on and about two hundred Watcher elves got hurt walking into the walls thinking they weren’t there. My nose got bent to one side when I crashed into the wall of your house, the glasses made me think the wall wasn’t there. At least, until I hit it, Ouch!!
Even if all the inventions aren’t great, the food is! This year my friends Star and Sweeper are in charge of the food. Star said they were making Crispy snow sandwiches, which are one of my favorites! Winter goulash, Holly berry pudding, poinsettia punch, even green treats and pinecone dessert. Cranky, he’s one of the oldest Watcher Elves around. He said he was going to sneak some egg nog in. Elves can’t drink eggnog because it makes us act really silly. About a hundred years ago a different elf brought some egg nog into the inventor’s convention and he was caught by Santa Claus. Santa wasn’t very happy and he wouldn’t let him be a watcher elf anymore. Now that elf is in charge of shoveling reindeer poop! I’m not going to go anywhere near the egg nog if Cranky does bring it. I don’t like shoveling reindeer poop, it stinks!!
Oh, before I forget Sam Eagle asked me to tell you that the trees are still playing their first game. The score is now something like one million to nothing. The trees just won’t quit batting.
Be good, I’ll be watching you! Start thinking about what you want from Santa Claus. Christmas is coming fast. Only about 5 months away!
Your Watcher Elf

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Holiday letters for kids

Starting next week I will be posting one letter each month that I wrote for my little great nephew. I actually started writing these six years ago.

There will be a letter a month from a different “holiday keeper”. These started when he was in first grade and his teacher messed up the class room while the kids were at recess, when they came in she told them a leprechaun had done it. It was March and almost St. Patrick’s day. My great nephew was so excited and so into leprechauns that year so my niece  his mother asked if I would write him a letter from a leprechaun. I did it and that started the whole thing. Soon after that I was writing him a letter a month from different holiday keepers. Because they were fun letters I soon added more kids to my “mailing list”. Most of the letters were hand delivered to friends and co-workers with young kids and they would give them to their kids. One of my co-workers hid the letter in a different place each month so his kids would “accidentally” find them.

I got so into writing these letters that I made my own return labels for each of the holiday keepers so the kids had no idea where they were coming from. For six years I wrote the letters but now my list is down to just two kids with four more coming up in a few years. The original kids that I wrote these for have gotten to the age where they no longer believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or other holiday people. It was sad to have to cross their names off but I knew the day would come.

This is the first year that I haven’t written a new set of monthly letters. The kids I am sending them to, I started at the beginning and I have enough written to last until they outgrow the letters. I usually start sending them letters once they start kindergarten and end when they reach around nine or ten. That seems to be the age when they no longer believe.

But I have six years of letters from the ‘End of the Rainbow’ where most of the Holiday Keepers live so I thought I would share them here for anyone with young kids who might enjoy getting a letter each month. I really enjoyed creating the world of ‘End of the Rainbow’ and all the holiday keepers who live there. Santa is the only holiday keeper who does not live at ‘End of the Rainbow’ but many of his watcher elves stay there, especially during August!

Since I am in the United States the holidays I wrote about are from here and I know there are readers from all over the world and I apologize for that but most of you are bloggers and if you like these letters you can easily come up with letters reflecting holidays that your kids celebrate.

The letters I will be posting will be:

January – Father Time

February – Crazy Cupid

March – Cormick O’Greene

April – Jak Jester

Easter – Albert Easter Rabbit

May – Maizy Flower Fairy

June – Jasper Sprite

July – Sam Eagle

August – Watcher Elves

September – Artie Wood Elf

October – Rascal Werewolf and Fraidy Black Cat

November – Tom and Taffy Turkey

December – Santa Claus

I will be posting the letters the week before the holiday in each month and sometime, possibly in January I will also post the letter from Gretha the Tooth Fairy.

I hope you enjoy these letters as much as I loved writing them. Hope you have a great year with my little keepers. I love my holiday keepers and am a little sad that I don’t have to write any more letters from them but who knows maybe I will just for myself.

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