Homemade Christmas 8


Rose and Sunflower dashed to the other side of the tree and grabbed their notebooks for the boys.

“Unwrap ours first.” they all said.

“Hold on everyone.” Grandpa shouted quieting everyone. “Let’s do this so everyone can see what you kid’s did.” they all waited expectantly as Grandpa went on. “I think the best way is to start with the youngest. Blossom, you’re a month younger than Bud, so you’re first.”

Blossom bounced up and down excitedly. Sometimes it was great being the youngest in the family.

“I had your name Blossom.” Oak grinned handing her the brightly wrapped package.

“Thanks, Oak!” Blossom gave him a quick hug then ripped at the paper. Oak stood watching her intently. It was much more exciting and scary waiting to see if she liked it than it was getting his own gift. “It has horses on it!” Blossom squealed holding it up to show everyone. “I love horses, they look just like Barnaby.”

“Look inside, Blossom!” Oak said. She looked up at him than opened the notebook. “I got another horse and a zebra and a rabbit and a dog!” she squealed again holding the notebook closely to look at the little animals. “They’re so cute!” she started to set the notebook down to hug Oak as he knelt beside her.

“They come out of the pockets, Blossom. They’re paper dolls and these pockets are for some of your other paper dolls and clothes.” he explained pulling the horse out of the pocket and handing it to her.

“Oh, Oak!” Blossom threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. “It’s the best, the very best present ever!” she said as he hugged her back.

“Here’s your Barnaby doll.” he grinned picking up the little horse and handing it to her.

“That’s going to be his name! I’m going to call him Barnaby.” Blossom said kissing the little laminated horse.

“Ok, Blossom,” Grandpa said. “Now your ornament from us!” he handed her a little box.

Blossom quickly ripped it open. “Oh, Grandma, Grandpa! It’s beautiful!” she cried looking in the box. Next to her Oak laughed softly.

“Blossom has a whole herd of horses now.” he said picking up her little wooden horse from the game and putting it with her notebook and her paper doll horse.

“Let’s see, Blossom.” Mrs. Mahogany said. Blossom carefully pulled out an angel riding in a sleigh pulled by a little soft horse. “It’s beautiful, Sweetie!” Mrs. Mahogany said as Bud jumped to his feet.

“It’s my turn now, isn’t it Grandpa?” he asked anxiously.

“Yes, it is!” Grandpa nodded.

Blossom sat down next to her mother then suddenly remembered. “Oh!” she said jumping to her feet and handing her little ornament to her Mom. “I made yours, Bud!” she said. “I thought of it but Dad, Sunflower and Rose helped me. I wrapped it all by myself.” she handed him a package wrapped in wrinkled paper. “I didn’t do a very good job wrapping it.” she added as Bud ripped the paper off.

“Dogs! I got lots of dogs!” Bud shouted.

“Wait until you open it!” Rose told him. Bud glanced at Blossom.

“I wanted you to have lots of dogs.” she said solemnly as he opened the notebook. “You can take all these dogs out of those pocket things and Sunflower tied the tape to the notebook so you wouldn’t lose it. See!” Blossom showed him the roll of tape dangling from the bottom ring. “There are all these pages and you can move your dogs all around by taping them. We made you too!” Blossom said pulling out one of the little pictures of Bud, one of the dogs and a leash. “You can actually walk the dogs in the park!” she showed him the page with the park on it.

“Wow!” Bud said quietly turning the pages and looking at everything. “Thanks so much, Blossom. This is great. I love all my dogs.” he gave her a quick hug without letting go of his dog notebook.

“Ok, Bud, you’d better open your ornament so the others can get their notebooks also.” Grandma said handing him his ornament. Bud set his notebook down and quickly opened his present.

“It’s a star with a horse and sleigh in front of it.” Bud showed it to everyone than ran over to hug both Grandparents. “Thanks!” he told them.

“Okay, Sunflower, your turn.” Grandma said.

“That would be my present.” Pine said handing it to Sunflower.

“Thanks, Pine!” she said and started unwrapping it. “Oh, I love sunflowers. They’re beautiful!” she hugged him.

“We weren’t very original but you all like paper dolls but you don’t have animal paper dolls.” he grinned at his sister.

Sunflower opened the notebook and squealed. “They’re beautiful. I’ve never had sunflower paper dolls before. They’re the cutest things ever. Look, Rose!” she said pulling out the smallest flower doll and holding it up.

“I can’t wait to open up mine!” Rose laughed as Sunflower took her present from Grandma and started opening it.

“Oh, look! I got a horse and sleigh also but there’s a cardinal and a bluebird riding in the sleigh! Its adorable Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you so much. Thanks Pine for the cute dolls and the great notebook.” Sunflower hugged them all as Rose moved out to the middle of the room and looked at Bud.

“I don’t wrap very good either.” he said handing her the present.

“It’s wonderful, Bud because you did it all by yourself.” she said unwrapping it. Bud grinned over at Oak and Pine, They had been right, Rose did like it because he had done it himself. “Oh Bud, this notebook is wonderful. I love all these flowers.”

“Look inside. One of them is a rose paper doll like your name.” Bud said excitedly helping her open it. Bud looked at the four smiling flower dolls. “Well, Pine and Oak said one was a rose but I don’t know which one it is.” Bud admitted slowly.

“It’s this one,” Rose said pulling out a pink rose doll, “and she’s just perfect.” Rose hugged him tight. “I love it, Bud!” she told him. Bud was so proud that he didn’t even wiggle away when she hugged him again.

“Here’s your ornament.” Grandpa handed Rose a small box.

“Oh, look, it’s a stocking with a horse and sleigh on it and music notes. They’re singing just like we did.” Rose exclaimed showing off her ornament.

“My turn.” Pine said as Rose hugged Grandma and Grandpa. Pine stood looking between Sunflower and Rose.

“Here, I really hope you like it.” Rose said eagerly, handing it to him.

“All the notebooks have been super cool so far, I’m sure I’ll love it.” he said tearing off the wrapping paper.

“Super cool! It’s got pine trees all over it. That’s fantastic.” he said slowly opening it, his mouth dropped open. “Super cool!” he said slowly paging through it. “Wow, Rose how did you ever think of this, it’s ….. its super cool wonderful.” he said hugging his cousin.

“Well, Sunflower helped me come up with the idea and your Dad and I made the pages on his computer. The pocket pages are for leaves or whatever you want to collect.” Rose explained.

“I can’t wait to start writing in this. It’s just perfect Rose.” Pine said taking the wrapped box from Grandma. “This is perfect also, Grandma, Grandpa.” he laughed showing everyone a horse and sleigh passing in front of a decorated Christmas tree. “Thanks.” he said moving over so Oak could get his gifts.

“That just leaves us.” Oak teased Sunflower.

“Yeah,” she nervously handed him his notebook. “I didn’t put material on yours like everyone else did. I hope you like it.”

Oak gave her a puzzled look as he tore it open. “Oh, Sunflower!” he whispered. “How did you do this? How did you get my pictures?” he couldn’t take his eyes off the notebook in his hands.

“We borrowed your camera while you guys were busy with Mom. Dad printed them for me and then laminated them. I wanted to cover the whole thing in your pictures but the stiff laminating wouldn’t bend so the notebook wouldn’t close.”

“I can understand that, we had problems getting the material to work on your notebooks, your Mom helped us get them covered. It was really hard.” he said.

Sunflower nodded. “I showed all this to Mom because I couldn’t figure out how to make it look nice. She showed me how to make the frames out of that snowy looking material and how to glue it all on your notebook.

There are more of your pictures on the back.” Oak quickly turned it over.

“Wow, these are the pictures of the snow storm when we were out getting the pine-cones.” he turned it back over. “I never even looked at these. We’ve been so busy making things that I just kept setting up the timer but never looked to see if they turned out. These are really fantastic. Thanks, Sunflower.” he hugged her.

“Oh, there are pages inside for more pictures. I punched holes in the other pages Dad printed and laminated, the ones I didn’t use so you have a start on filling your notebook with pictures.”

“Can I see your pictures?” Grandpa asked taking the notebook as he handed Oak his ornament.

“Wow! This is really neat!” Oak said showing off his horse and sleigh. “This looks just like it did tonight. Riding through a snow storm.” Oak said hugging everyone.

They all hung their new ornaments on the tree as Grandma laughed. “We didn’t want any of you to forget this Christmas or the sleigh ride.”

“No way!” they all shouted. “This was the best Christmas ever. It was really fun making the ornaments to hang up and for the game.”

“It was even fun making the notebooks even if we did think they were going to be impossible to do.” Oak said taking his notebook back from his Mother. Everyone had passed it around so they could see the pictures of the kids making the ornaments and decorating the room.

“Your pictures are really very good, Oak.” Grandpa said as the kids gathered up all their prizes and notebooks.

“Thanks Grandpa I really like taking pictures. Good night everyone. Thanks.” he said following a yawning Bud towards Pine’s room.

“Oh,” Pine turned to the girls. “We didn’t make any clothes for your paper dolls but we did put some paper in the back of the notebook for you to use.”

“Thanks,” they answered. “it’s going to be so much fun drawing clothes for all of them.” They headed off to their beds carrying their special notebooks.


next week: Christmas Day

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