Homemade Christmas 5


“Mom, can we get some of those bags to put our ornaments in?” Pine asked putting his cereal bowl in the sink. “And then what do we do with the bags?” he asked following her into the pantry.

“How many bags do you need?” she asked him pulling a stack of brown lunch bags off a shelf.

“We made ten ornaments.” Pine said counting them on his fingers. “At least I think there is ten.” he added thoughtfully.

“Well here are a dozen bags, if you don’t need all of them just put them back in here. Tape the bags shut and then I’ll show you where to put them for tonight.” Mrs. Mahogany said handing him the bags.

“We need a dozen also, Aunt Violet.” Rose said from the doorway.

Mrs. Mahogany counted out twelve more bags and handed them to Rose. “When you have them all bagged I’ll meet you kids in the living room.” but Pine and Rose were already gone.

Mrs. Mahogany was clearing off a small end table when the six kids came in carrying the little bags. “This table should be big enough to hold all the bags. I have some of my own and your dad has a few. Rose, Oak and Bud’s parents are bringing their bags this afternoon when they come and of course Grandma and Grandpa will have some.” she moved the table out of the corner of the room and placed it next to the tree. “When we play the game we’ll just have to move it into the middle of the room. So this should be good for now. You boys put your bags on the bottom shelf and the girls on the top shelf.”

“Can we have some wrapping paper?” Sunflower asked when they had all their bags on the table.

“It’s in the tote on the porch. Take what you need. There are labels in the tote also if you need them.” The girls ran out to the porch to get the wrapping paper, after they were gone Pine looked at his mother. Oak and Bud stood behind him listening.

“How come our bags are on the bottom?” he asked trying not to sound disappointed that she had made them put theirs on the lower shelf. Oak nodded agreeing with Pine.

“Because I know what you made, the girls are sewn out of material so they won’t break. Your little ornaments can be easily crushed if anyone puts a heavier bag on top of them. This way they are protected from being broken. I don’t know exactly what the others are bringing so I just want yours to be safe.”

“Super Cool! I never thought about that!” Pine said relieved as he looked back at the little table. “I thought maybe ours weren’t as good as the other ones.”

“No, they are perfect and whoever gets one of them will be proud to hang them on their tree. In fact, I hope I get one. Grandma explained the game to me and I think you guys are really going to like it but it’s going to be hard to remember which bags are which once the game gets going. I just hope I get one of your bags.”

“I hope you do too, Mom. We had better get busy wrapping up the girl’s presents so they are ready for tonight.”

“What did you use for pockets? I never did get back to check on how you were doing.” she asked the boys while they waited for the girls to pick out their wrapping paper.

“Dad came in just before we went to bed. We were trying to make pockets out of regular paper, and colored paper by taping two pages together. Dad looked at them and then gave us some super cool clear sheets that you can put pictures in. They worked great. He liked our dolls also. We made four different size sunflower ones for Sunflower, a rose, a daisy and two other flowers for Rose and Blossom got a horse, a zebra, a rabbit and a dog. Dad laminated them for us and we cut them out already and put them in the first pockets in each notebook. They’ll have to make clothes for them because we didn’t do that.” Pine whispered watching the door so the girls wouldn’t overhear them.

“The girls will love them and that will give them something to do after Christmas. by the time school starts they will have a whole collection of clothes for your wonderful little dolls.” she whispered back.

They stopped whispering when the door opened and the girls came back with their arms loaded down. “It’s still snowing but the wind isn’t blowing anymore.” Sunflower announced hurrying past on their way to her room.

“That means Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Dad won’t have any problems getting here, right?” Bud asked as the boys walked out to the porch to gather up what they needed.

“You’re right Bud, they’ll be here this afternoon and then we can show them how hard you all have been working to get everything decorated.” Mrs Mahogany answered closing the door behind them.

“When we get these wrapped can we put them under the tree?” Oak wanted to know when they passed the kitchen where Mrs. Mahogany was busy baking Christmas cookies and other good smelling things.

“Yes, and you can let the girls know that they can put their packages under the tree also.” She said sprinkling colored sugar on some horse shaped cookies.

“Sunflower, Rose, Blossom!” Pine called knocking on Sunflower’s door.

“Wait! Don’t come in!” he smiled listening to them scrambling inside the room.

“I’m not coming in. Mom said that we should put our packages under the tree when we get them wrapped. Just wanted you guys to know.” he called back then hurried down the hallway to his own room. Oak and Bud were busy wrapping when he slipped in. “I told the girls to put their packages under the tree.”

“At least we won’t have to wonder what the packages are. We already know that we’re all getting notebooks. We just don’t know what the girls did to them. I think we had the easy ones, at least after we thought of the paper dolls. I really wonder what the girls did for us. I can’t think of anything I would use a notebook for, can you?” Oak said finishing taping the wrapping paper on Blossom’s notebook. He took one of the labels and printed her name next to the TO: and his name by the FROM:. “I’m all done. Do you need any help, Bud?”

“I’m done, but mine isn’t like yours.” Bud said disappointed. “I can’t do wrapping neat.”

“Rose will love it because you did it all by yourself. We only helped you cut out the flowers and get the material glued on. That part was really tough, even for us. If Mom hadn’t come in and helped with the gluing we would probably still be trying to get them done. But it doesn’t matter how it’s wrapped because Rose will only tear it off anyway.” Pine said handing Bud a gift label to write the names on.

“I think we’re all done.” Oak said picking up Blossom’s gift and opening the door. They tucked them under the tree and walked out to the kitchen. “Do you need anything else done, Aunt Violet?” he asked looking around at all the warm cookies, plates of wonderful looking sandwiches and empty thermos bottles sitting on the table.

“Yes, wash your hands. Then you boys can start putting the sandwiches in those bags on the table.” she said wiping her own hands on a towel and moving to check on a large covered pan on the stove.

“These bags with snowmen, Santa and trees on them?” Pine asked after he had washed and dried his hands.

“Yes, and make sure they are sealed tight so the sandwiches don’t dry out.” she said stirring whatever was in the pan.

“Why do you want them in bags if we’re going to eat them for lunch?” Oak wondered opening one of the plastic bags.

“If you boys are hungry you can each have a sandwich or two, but we’re not really having lunch today. At least not a normal lunch, Grandma and Grandpa will be here soon. So will your parents, we’ll eat later after everyone gets here. So it will be like a late lunch and early supper combined together.”

“Can we help?” the girls asked coming in just in time to hear Mrs. Mahogany explaining it to the boys.

“Yes, the boys are bagging up the sandwiches. You girls can put three of the horse cookies in each bag. Eat a sandwich now so you won’t be too hungry later. It will be a while before we have a chance to eat.”

“These horsies are so cute. Do we have to eat them?” Blossom said cradling a little red horse in her hands.

“You can keep yours, but I’m going to eat mine. They look delicious.” Pine teased her tucking a turkey sandwich into a bag.

“Are all the sandwiches the same?” Rose asked carefully zipping her bag closed.

“No, we have turkey, peanut butter and jelly, beef, and cheese.” Oak answered holding up the bag he had just zipped shut.

“Those aren’t cheese sandwiches, not the kind of cheese sandwiches Aunt Violet makes us.” But said looking suspiciously at the bag in Oak’s hand.

“You’re right, Bud. When I usually make you a cheese sandwich it’s a toasted cheese sandwich. Those aren’t toasted, so they do look different but they’ll taste a lot like the toasted one.” she said smiling at him as he looked closer at the cheese sandwich.

“I like mine toasted.” he declared.

“You can eat a peanut butter and jelly one then.” Oak told him. Bud nodded. They were his very most favorite sandwich, after all.

“What do you want us to di with the full bags?” Sunflower asked putting the last three horse cookies in a bag and zipping it shut.

“Just leave them on the table. Thank you for helping me. But its almost time for everyone to come so you had better get ready.”

“Should we put on our Christmas outfits now?” Blossom asked eagerly. She couldn’t wait to put on her new red and green outfit. They hadn’t been able to get new store-bought clothes this year but their mom’s had made them all special red and green outfits for Christmas Eve.

“Not yet.” Mrs. Mahogany said with a grin. “First I want all of you to go and put on the warmest clothes you have. Pine, Sunflower and Blossom find your snow suits. Oak, Rose and Bud your parents are bringing your snow suits when they come. If you  need sweaters or sweatshirts to wear under your snow suits Pine and Sunflower can find you something.

Pine, there is a box of your out grown clothes in the hall closet. Something in there should fit Bud.”

“Why do we need our snow suits?” they asked.

“Don’t ask, just go get dressed. When we come back then you can change into your new Christmas outfits.” she told them pushing them all out of the kitchen.

“I wonder what Mom has planned now?” Pine said when they were splitting up to head to their  different bed rooms. They were almost dressed when they heard shouting.

“Kids, hurry up Grandma and Grandpa are here. They have a big surprise for you!”

Doors flew open and they dashed out. “Hey, do you guys hear bells?” Rose asked dashing after the  others towards the kitchen.

“Yeah, like super cool sleigh bells!” Pine said looking around.

“Grandma! Grandpa!” Blossom and Bud screamed throwing themselves at their grandparents.

“Merry Christmas! Grandma, Grandpa.” the rest shouted as Blossom and Bud climbed all over them. Pine and Oak grabbed the suitcases and bags of presents. “We’ll put the presents under the tree and your suitcases in Blossom’s room for you Grandma and Grandpa.”

“Why do we need snowsuits?” Blossom asked before they even had a chance to thank Oak and Pine.

“Are we going sliding or skating?” Bud questioned.

“Hold it down,” Grandpa shouted above the noise. “Just get into your snow suits and you’ll find out what’s going on soon enough.”

“Ours aren’t here yet.” Oak said just as the door opened again.

“Mom, Dad!” Bud shouted launching himself at his Dad.

“Here are your snow suits hurry up and get into them.” Mrs. Browne said handing out the suits. As soon as all six kids were dressed Grandpa led them outside followed by Grandma and all their parents carrying heavy containers of food and a dozen large thermos.

“A HORSE!” Blossom squealed.

“We’re going for a sleigh ride!” Rose and Sunflower laughed running down the porch steps. In the yard stood a large sleigh pulled by a huge brown horse. A man sat high up on the front of the sleigh holding the reins.

“This is our friend Mr. Castle and his horse Barnaby.” Grandma said as they all climbed into the sleigh, except Blossom. She stood staring at the huge horse her eyes wide with wonder.

“Would you like to feed Barnaby a carrot, Blossom? That’s his favorite treat.” Grandpa said lifting her up so she could hold out the carrot he gave her for the huge horse.

“Can I pet him?” Blossom looked up at Mr. Castle as Barnaby gently tugged the carrot from her fingers.

“Sure you can. Barnaby loves to be petted.” Grandpa moved closer holding Blossom so she could pet the large horse’s nose.

“He’s really soft.” Blossom sighed as Grandpa carried her over to the sleigh and climbed up after her.



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