October letter, year 2


Rascal Werewolf here. Are you ready for Halloween? I am! I love Halloween. It’s my very most favorite holiday. This year I’m not going trick or treating. A kid in our school, his name is Freddy Frankenstein is having a huge Halloween party. I’ve never been to a real Halloween party before. Freddy invited everyone in End of the Rainbow. It’s going to be so much fun I can’t wait. Mom said Gordy Ghost and I can go trick and treating before the party. I’m dressing up as my favorite super hero this year. I’m going as SuperWerewolf. He’s this way cool super hero that saves holiday keepers every week on TV. I never miss watching it. It’s my very most favorite TV program. All my friends watch it also. At school we all pretend we’re SuperWerewolf. It’s really funny when Gordy Ghost, Freddy Frankenstein or Cassie Witch pretend they are SuperWerewolf because they don’t look like a werewolf at all. I am a werewolf so most of the time I get to be SuperWerewolf and the rest pretend they are the holiday keepers that I save. Its lots of fun.

Freddy said his parents have lots of fun games for us to play at the party and lots of candy so no one will mind not going trick or treating. I can’t wait until Halloween night and we can all go to the party. Have you ever been to a Halloween party?
Your super hero friend
Rascal Werewolf

Fraidy Black Cat here. I know Rascal told you all about the big party. It is so exciting getting ready for it. Last year I dressed up like a princess. I love wearing princess clothes but this year I think I’ll wear something more Halloweeny. Mom suggested I go as a witch. It would almost be like wearing a princess dress except it would be black and I do like the big hat. So I think I’ll be a witch this year. I’m s little scared about going to the party. I don’t like going out trick and treating, those scary costumes scare me. Maybe it won’t be so bad because Freddy said all of us kids will be in one part of the yard playing games and things while the scary adults will be on the other side.

Rascal thinks I’m a real fraidy cat because the spooky Halloween thing scares me a little bit. I don’t care what he thinks, I like staying home and giving out the candy. Maybe Freddy will let me hand out the candy for the games. That would be fun. I’ll have to ask him at school on Monday. I hope he says yes.

What are you wearing for Halloween? Do you like the spooky costumes? I don’t! I do like all the candy though.

Happy Halloween
Fraidy Black Cat

P. S. I talked to Freddy at school. He said if I really wanted to hand out the candy prizes I could. Yippee! This party is going to be lots of fun! Have a great Halloween.
Your friends Rascal Werewolf and Fraidy Black Cat and everyone from End of the Rainbow


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