September letter year 2


I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the fantastic place we live in. Our world is very, very old. It was very, very old when the first holiday keepers moved here thousands and thousands of years ago.

As you already know each of the holiday keepers has their own special magic. That’s how we make every holiday so special. Well, our world has its own magic also. We can’t control it but we have learned how to live with it.

For example, the weather here is always perfect, but… if you want to walk in the rain all you have to do is wish real hard and poof!

You’re walking in the rain, but if you’re walking with someone, like Cormick or Gretha and they don’t want to get wet, well the rain only falls on you. It won’t even splash on them.

Or if you are really hot and want to cool down fast, all you have to do is wish real hard for snow and it will snow on you. If you’re standing in a flower garden then the snow melts before it hurts the flowers.

We also have places in ‘End of the Rainbow’ where the weather never changes, even if you wish really, really hard. One of those places is where the Watcher Elf hotel is, there is a really huge mountain of snow behind the hotel. It never melts. No one ever sees it snow but every day the snow is all new and clean. It’s a great place to ski or have a snow ball fight. There are hundreds of tunnels and forts all over the mountain that are just perfect for an all day snowball fight.

Even the Watcher Elves don’t know where the snow actually comes from but everyone agrees that it’s a great place to go and play.

My very favorite place in all of ‘End of the Rainbow’ is on the west side of Rainbow. It’s a large park with lots of tall trees. It is always fall there. The trees are always the most fantastic oranges, yellow, red and gold. Unlike in your world these trees never lose their leaves in the winter or grow new green ones in the spring. It is always fall, the air is always cold and crisp, but not real cold like in winter. It also smells like hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate, especially on chilly fall days.

My most favorite things are walking through crunchy bright colored fall leaves thinking about painting the leaves in your world, then going home and having a big cup of hot chocolate. That is the most perfect way to spend a day. How would you spend a perfect day if you could do anything you wanted to?

I get my best ideas when I’m in the Fall Park. Where do you go to get ideas?

Well I’d better get moving it’s almost time to finish painting all your leaves so you can have a wonderful, fantastic fall day.

Your fall friend

Artie Wood Elf


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