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July letter year 2

Happy 4th of July

Your country is another year older and I’m sure you’ll be enjoying all the holiday fun with your family. Are you having a good summer? WE are!

This year the Bugsville Maggot’s aren’t playing as well as they did last year. Impossible Caterpillar is still stiff and sore from all of his broken arms and legs so he isn’t playing very good! The Rainbow Sluggers, our team is actually in second place right now. The Fairy Tale Terrors are in first place. In the Giant league The Mighty Oaks are in first place. Of course, they are still playing their first game because no pitcher can get the trees out. They have been batting for almost two months. The score against the Giant’s is 89,999 to 0. The trees will probably still be playing their first game when the season finally ends.

When I’m not playing baseball during the summer I like to read. Do you like to read on hot lazy summer days? I just finished a really great book, I don’t think you can find it in your world but it was about being a holiday keeper. It was a nonfiction book and told all about the first holiday keepers and how things have changed over the years.

Father Time and I have been trying to talk Albert Rabbit into writing the story of last years theft of all his jelly beans. He doesn’t want to write about it because it still upsets him to think about it. Maybe one of us other keepers should write about it. i think it would be a very fun story, especially the part where Albert fell into the spilled dye and is now a brightly colored Rabbit.

Have a happy and safe holiday and remember to thank all the police, firemen, soldiers and others who keep everyone safe.

Sam Eagle

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