June letter year 2


Do you like my green leaves and grass? I hope so. I had a great time painting them. I had to get everything ready early this year so I could practice playing baseball. I’m going to be the catcher on the Rainbow Sluggers this year. Last year I was out in the outfield and didn’t get to catch any balls. Hope I do better this year.

I am so excited about it, I love playing baseball. This year there have been so many changes. The main new change is we don’t have to play the giants anymore! That’s because of what happened to the Bugsville Maggot’s star player last year. Impossible Caterpillar was hurt real bad when one of the Giant’s accidentally stepped on him.

It was really scary because he could have been squashed like a bug! Now we have a new separate baseball league just for the giants, orcs, trolls, centaurs and all the other really huge creatures. The other league is just for us littler creatures.

While Impossible Caterpillar was healing from all of his broken arms and legs, the other teams tried to get him to play for them. Impossible is such an incredible player that any team that has him playing for them will win the whole season. Father Time went and talked to him. We didn’t do too good last year and could really use a great player like that.

The Bugsville Maggot’s would have won last year if it hadn’t been for the Giant’s. Impossible Caterpillar finally decided to stay with the Maggots because he didn’t want to move to ‘End of the Rainbow’ or any other place. You have to live in the town you play for. Impossible Caterpillar has six hundred children and he thought it would be too difficult to move everyone here.

Last month a bunch of us went to Giantland to see their new ball park. They finally finished building it. They are so proud of it. Lando Giant, their catcher said it is the first time they actually have a place to play that is big enough for them. They actually have to run the bases now. On our field they just took one step and went from one base to the other!

Rascal Werewolf and Jak Jester decided to run the bases while we were there. The rest of us left them and came back to ‘End of the Rainbow’. Rascal and Jak came home two weeks later, they said they had run for the whole two weeks without stopping and they hadn’t even made it half way around the bases. We couldn’t even see all the bases when we were there. Sam Eagle flew up into the sky as high as he could go and he said he couldn’t even see all the bases. There are miles and miles between the bases.

Rascal did say that some of the trees from the Enchanted Forest have formed a team and joined the Giant’s league. They call themselves The Mighty Oaks. They don’t use bats. Instead they just swing their branches at the ball. Rascal said they run really slow but it doesn’t matter because all of the trees hit home runs every time they bat!

No one has seen either Rascal or Jak since they came back. Fraidy Black Cat said they are both still sleeping. I hope they wake up in time for our first ball game. We are playing the Fairy Tale Terrors.

Have a great summer,

Jasper Sprite


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