May letter year 2

Oh hi!

This has been a very exciting spring. I know the flowers are just beginning to pop up where you live but here they are always wide awake.

After my sister flower fairies and I sang and danced all of your flowers awake we wanted to do something really different and exciting.

Some of the bravest flower fairies have been hollyhock climbing for several years but my sisters and I have been too frightened to try it. In case you don’t know hollyhocks are very, very tall flowers. They can be almost nine feet tall. Their stems almost reach up to the sky. They have flowers at the very top that look like bells. The flowers can be almost any color, white, pink, yellow, blue, purple and sometimes even almost black. My favorite colors are the purple and yellow ones.

The number one main rule of flower climbing is that we can’t use our wings unless we fall off the flower stems. It’s really scary climbing that high without using our wings. I’m afraid of high places!

But this year we decided to try it. I was really scared but Zaizy and Waizy, our climbing teachers started us on gladioli, they are kind of like hollyhocks only not as tall. Zaizy and Waizy are both champion climbers. There isn’t a flower anywhere that they haven’t climbed. I was really scared at first but it was kind of fun. Since then I’ve gone a lot of times and now I am ready to try my first hollyhock. Every time I go climbing I try to go higher than the last time. I still haven’t reached the top of any flowers yet but by the end of summer I plan on sitting inside a bright purple hollyhock! That will be so cool!

What do you plan on doing during your summer vacation?

I don’t suppose humans can climb hollyhocks, you’re too big, but I hope you find something exciting to do.

Happy May Day!

Your friend

Maizy Flower Fairy


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