April Fool’s Day letter year 2


Guess what time it is? Yup, you’re right! It’s time for jokes and tricks again. I love April Fool’s Day. So does my best friend Bentley Unicorn. We’re all ready to go to every house and play our tricks.

I have my list all ready of all the places I’m going to play tricks this year. At some houses I plan on moving the furniture when no one is looking. At other places we’ll hide things.

Your name is on my list but I’m not going to tell you what I’m planning on doing. You’ll just have to wait and see, or maybe trip over something. I hope I really trick you, maybe I’ll hide your favorite toy and it will take you a long time to find it. Or maybe I’ll hide your TV remote so you can’t change the channel and will have to watch the same thing all week.

Maybe I’ll move your bed while you’re sleeping, that would be a really neat trick! Those are some of my very most favorite tricks to play. 

Have a fun April Fool’s Day! I’ll be seeing you but you won’t see me!

Jak Jester


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