St. Patrick’s Day letter year 2

Top O’ the Mornin’

Once again it is my favorite time of the year. It’s St. Patrick’s Day! All the leprechauns in the world are celebrating right now! We start a wee bit earlier than you humans do, we love parties!

I know there are lots of parades on St. Patrick’s Day and everyone wears green and tries to be Irish, at least for that day. Here at ‘End of the Rainbow’ it’s a real celebration for all of us leprechauns. We do love to party!

Unlike most of the other Holiday keepers we really don’t have to do anything special for St. Patrick’s day except keep our pots of gold safely hidden. For some reason a lot of you big people think it’s easier to catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s day. It’s not! It’s actually harder because we’re all here having a great big party.

Last year my 25 times Great Uncle Connor O’Connor escaped from the humans who had caught him over 300 years ago. Well actually it wasn’t the same people but the same family. You humnas don’t live 300 years like us leprechauns do. He doesn’t talk about it much but he did say they never tricked him into telling them where his gold was hidden. It’s hard to trick a leprechaun, we are the kings of tricks, and we know all the tricks in the whole universe.

This year we are having all of my 25 times great Uncle’s favorite foods because he hasn’t been to a party in over 300 years. Last year he was too weak from being gone so long to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. He’s ready to party now!

We’re having spinach sauce and soda bread, potatoes and corned beef. Green grog. Young leprechauns drink green soda pop! We’re also having green chips, fish fries and green jello and green cookies.

There will be all day soccer games and lots of dancing. Leprechauns love to play soccer and dance all night.

I hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day and I hope you have lots of time to dance a jig (that’s an Irish dance that we leprechauns love to dance).

Your favorite Leprechaun

Cormick O’Greene


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