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Valentine letter year 2

Dear ——-

Do you like getting Valentines from your friends? I do, but mostly I like giving them to my friends.

I don’t know if you’ve seen pictures of me, but even though I look like a baby with wings in all the pictures I am actually over seven thousand years old! That is really, really old!

I have a very special bow and arrows that I shoot humans with. When I shoot adults it makes them fall in love. It also makes them do mushy things like kiss and call each other funny names like honey bunch and sugar! It only works on Valentine’s Day so I spend the whole day flying around shooting at people. It doesn’t hurt them when my arrows hit them.

When I shoot children it makes them nicer to their friends and family. My arrows always make people feel good.

There are a lot of different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, most people just send cards or give candy to special friends. In most country no one ever sees me or feels my arrows when I shoot them. That way I can shoot people without them even knowing it’s me.

Do you have all your Valentine cards ready to give to your friends? I do, well almost! I still have a few left to finish. Let’s see, the ones I have finished are for Cormick O’Greene, Maizy Flower Fairy, Rascal Werewolf, Father Time, Gretha Tooth Fairy, Artie Wood Elf, Fraidy Black Cat, Tom and Taffy Turkey, Albert Rabbit, Jak Jester, Jasper Sprite, Sam Eagle, Santa Claus and six million and ninety nine Watcher Elves. All I have left is to send is yours.

Have a wonderful, happy, fun Valentine’s Day

Crazy Cupid

P.S. Now I am all done! Happy Valentine’s Day

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