Letter from Father Time year 2


Where does time go? Do you know? Every New Year seems to come faster and faster. I hardly have time between New Years to relax. There are always so many things to get done before another New Year shows up. And now here we go again, it’s almost time for another New Years.

In fact, it’s coming so fast that I may not get my letter to you in time. Cormick the leprechaun told me that the letters are supposed to be sent before the holiday! I would have written to you sooner but I’ve been so busy. There is so much to get done before the New Year can start that I totally forgot about writing this letter to you. My job is a lot like Santa Claus’ job, we both have things we have to check twice. He checks his Christmas list and I have to check all the clocks and calendars in the world twice. It wouldn’t be very good if some calendar tried to sneak in the wrong year.

They have tried it a couple of times! Someone tried to go backwards instead of forward with the years. It is not very nice, not everyone wants to go back in time. Just think about it, if we went backwards then instead of being a year older on your next birthday you would be a year younger. Instead of going up a grade in school you would go back to the one you just finished. Everything would be so mixed up. Everyone would already know what was going to happen because it had already happened once. This is so confusing it hurts my head just thinking about it. That’s why I have to check every clock to make sure they are all going forward like they are supposed to and every calendar to make sure they are all set on the correct year. Do you know how many clocks and calendars there are in the world? Millions and millions of them and I have to check them all twice, it takes a lot of time, and I never have enough time.

Have you ever had a day when it feels like all you do is run around trying to get all your work done, you know, school, homework, chores, whatever you have to do and you just can’t get it all done. That’s how I feel all the time. There is so much to do and no time to get it all done.

The only really important job I have is checking and double checking all the clocks and calendars so I had better get moving or the New Year will be here and I won’t be ready. I’ll try to get this delivered to you before New Year’s Day but if I don’t I hope you have a great New Year’s eve and a wonderful, busy New Year.

Late as usual,

Father Time


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