Halloween Letter for Kids

Happy Howl-o-ween!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It is way cool! I love dressing up in scary, well not too scary, costumes and getting lots and lots of candy. This year my best friend, Gordy Ghost and I are going out trick and treating together. Gordy is wearing a werewolf costume so he’ll look like me and I’m wearing a ghost costume. It is going to be way cool! It’ll be so much fun. We’re going to trick everyone in End of the Rainbow.

I’ll bet everyone will think I’m Gordy and they’ll call Gordy Rascal. Way Cool!

This year my dad said we can go up to the houses all by ourselves. He’ll wait for us on the sidewalk, that’s so cool. Last year he went up to all the doors with us.

I wanted Fraidy Black Cat to come with us but she’s too afraid. She never goes trick or treating. Mom said that was okay because someone has to stay home to give out the candy. Mom and my little brother and sister do that at my house.

Are you going to wear a costume at Halloween? What are you dressing up like? It would be way cool if you were to dress up like a ghost or a werewolf also, but it doesn’t really matter what you wear because Halloween is just way cool and lots of fun.

I can’t wait to go trick or treating again. Well, I’d better go, Fraidy Black Cat, my very best friend is here and she’ afraid I’m going to use up all the paper.

Happy Trick and treating

Rascal Werewolf


I am not afraid, Rascal just says that because my name is Fraidy. I was named after my Great, Great, Great Grandma. I’m not afraid of trick or treating I just like staying home better.

I think it’s a lot more fun to answer the door and try to guess who they are. Sometimes it’s real easy to guess which of our friends it is, but some of the costumes are really scary and I don’t know who they are until they say Trick or Treat.

Sometimes I recognize their voices but not all the time. I always know Rascal even if I can’t see his face. He always says ‘Way Cool!’ when you give him candy.

The funniest person I ever saw was last Halloween. All the Holiday Keepers dressed up as each other and went trick or treating. They went out in twos and they dressed up as each other. Cormick The leprechaun and Albert Rabbit were together. Cormick wore huge white fuzzy rabbit ears, Albert’s favorite Easter vest and pink bunny slippers.

Albert wore Cormick’s big green hat with his ears tucked inside it. He had on Cormick’s green jacket with the gold trim. They were so funny looking. Cormick kept trying to wiggle his nose like Albert and Albert kept saying “Top of the Halloween morn to ye” even though it was night and dark outside.

I laughed so hard I almost dropped our big bowl of candy. It was also funny seeing Jak Jester wearing Crazy Cupid’s clothes and trying to shoot his bow and arrow. Cupid looked strange in Jak’s jester outfit.

I’d better go Mom’s making me a princess outfit this year and we still need to finish the crown and I’m gluing shiny sequins on an old pair of shoes to make them really sparkly.

Have a safe and fun Halloween

Fraidy Black Cat

PS I didn’t know the other keepers dressed up as each other last year I wish I could have seen them! It would have been way cool! Rascal

PS You could have seen them, Rascal if you had stayed home and helped hand out candy like I do! Fraidy

PS No way! I like getting lots of candy. That’s way cool! Rascal

PS I get lots of candy but I don’t have to get cold and tired getting it. Fraidy

PS Mom said we should stop arguing, both of us are doing Halloween the way we enjoy it so that makes it right for both of us.

Happy Halloween

Rascal and Fraidy


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