September Letter for Kids

Hey Everyone,

How are you doing?

Everything is back to normal here. We still don’t know what to do with Yip and Howl. Right now Father Time has them guarding the jelly bean vats so no one else can steal the jelly beans again. The dogs are taking the job very seriously and are great guards. They are even becoming magical. We are all helping them learn to live here. They can both talk now and Yip has taken an interest in herding and caring for all the wild magical creatures that roam the Enchanted Forest.

When he’s not working as a guard Yip is in the forest helping Old Skipton. Skipton has been the shepherd of the forest for ever. There are lots of magical animals who are not magical or powerful enough to take care of themselves. mostly it’s the unicorns, moose, wild reindeer, polar bears, foxes and other animals that have become magical because they live here. They are our friends and whenever we need a ride someplace they are always ready to take us anywhere we need to go!

Our baseball season ended early this year. The Fairy Tale Giants won the championship. Everyone thought the Bugville Maggots would be the winners but one of the Giants stepped on The Bugville Maggot’s superstar pitcher Impossible Caterpillar.

At the last moment Impossible curled up and the Giant’s shoe only hit his left side. The giant’s shoe broke six of Impossible’s arms and four of his legs. Our team the Rainbow Sluggers came in fourth place, so that wasn’t too bad.

Every September on the first day of Fall we have a large parade, everyone in all the towns and villages that want to be in the parade decorate a wagon or cart. Every year the parade is in a different town, this year it is in End of the Rainbow. We go up and down just about every street so everyone can see all the floats. That’s what you call a decorated wagon in a parade, a float.

After the parade we park all the floats in the baseball field so everyone can get a close up look at them. Last year I just pulled my little leaf wagon with different colored leaves in it. This year two of my friends from Nurserystoryland came to help me. They are mice, usually all the mice work on the mouse float from Nurserystoryland but Minch and Munch don’t like the three blind mice. The three blind mice are really bossy. They won’t let anyone else do anything. Everything has to be their way so Minch and Munch came to help me.

Minch said to cover the entire wagon in green leaves, and then they would pull it while I painted all the leaves in fall colors. I made little jackets out of leaves for Minch and Munch. During the parade I painted the green leaves red, yellow, brown and orange. By the end of the parade all the leaves were bright-colored. We won first place for the best use of natural magic. We all got gold metals on rainbow-colored ribbons. The Mayor, Father Time, put them over our heads and told us we had done a great job.

I’ve never won anything before, it was fantastic. I’m still wearing my medal. Last time I talked to Minch and Munch they were still wearing theirs also. Have you ever won a medal for anything? It’s fun isn’t it!

Your Fall friend

Artie Wood Elf


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