August Letter to Kids


Your Watcher elf here! Usually August is a very quiet month at End of the Rainbow. Most of the Keepers go on vacation during August. Not this year! The water is now up to our shoulders. We have to crawl in and out of the up stair’s windows. If we open the doors all the water will come rushing into the houses. Then there is all those teeth floating everywhere. If you do try to walk down the roads the teeth slap up against you and they hurt. Gretha the tooth fairy’s castle is washing away. It’s made up of thousands and thousands of teeth that the tooth fairies have collected and made into bricks. Now it’s all floating down the watery streets.

Swamptown, that’s another town in a very wet swampy place on the far side of Fairytale town, they let us use some of their boats to get around. We climb out a window into a boat and then paddle over to another house. It isn’t much fun.

All of the other towns, villages and cities have tried to help us but no one knows what to do. It just keeps on raining and the town clock keeps going bong, bong,bong all the time.

At the last meeting at Father Time’s house we found out that Cupid is still missing. Cormick’s magical shamrock sock and most of his gold is missing. Rascal Werewolf and Fraidy Black Cat have lost their magical jack o’ lanterns. Jasper’s leaf and Maizy’s silver pansy are both missing.  Father Time can’t find his magical travel clock and of course Albert’s jelly beans and magical baby shoe which is what started this whole mess.

Albert is still very colorful. When he fainted Albert fell into the spilled dye so his right arm is yellow, his left arm is pink, his left leg is red and his right leg is blue. His head is still purple, his back is green and his stomach is a bright swirled mix of all the colors. He is very colorful, but very miserable. He’s been so upset that he lost all of his fur, but at least he came to the last meeting. He isn’t hiding at home anymore.

Since us Watcher Elves don’t depend on magical things like the Keepers do we’ve been doing some looking around. This month is our vacation month also. We usually all come to the Watcher Elf hotel here at End of the Rainbow and all the elf inventors from the North POle bring all the new inventions for us to try out.  We really look forwards to seeing all the new things to make our jobs easier. While we’re here the young watcher elves in training watch over our kids.

Since the rain won’t stop, Santa Claus cancelled our meeting with the inventors. The young elves in training still came so we have a month to try to help our friends.

Twirl, Glitter, Twinkle, Amaze, Courage, Mischief, Marvel, Eager and I decided to go into the Enchanted Forest and talk to Olaf the tree king. The two rowdy trees are making life even more miserable at End of the Rainbow.

“Olaf,” I said when we reached their main gathering place. “Why have you broken your agreement with the Keepers?”

“We haven’t!” Olaf growled. Whenever trees talk they always sound like they are growling. That’s because they are so big and have such huge deep voices.

“Two of your trees have been throwing acorns and branches at the keepers. Every time a keeper sticks their heads out a window the trees throw things at them.” Courage said. Olaf looked around at all the other trees gathered there. He said something deep and rumbling but none of us could understand him because he was talking in the tree’s language.

Finally he looked down at us and shook his leafy head. “They are not from here. All the Enchanted trees are still here. No one is missing. None of my trees have put roots in End of the Rainbow.”

I looked at the other Watcher Elves. They looked as puzzled as I felt. Trees never lie so if Olaf said they weren’t Enchanted Trees, what were they? Only Enchanted trees can move and talk. This was really strange but we all believed Olaf. He never lies. We ran all the way back to Father Time’s house.

When Father Time heard what Olaf had said he sent a messenger to Fairytale town. Everyone had offered to help and now he needed their help.

The Woodsman from Fairy Tale Town came right over with his large sharp ax. “What can I help you with?” he asked standing waist deep in water with his shiny ax over his shoulder. Fairy Tale Town people are taller than us elves and the Keepers. Father Time told him about the trees and our meeting with King Olaf. The Woodsman grinned as he sloshed through the water towards the two trees.

Both trees were in Artie’s yard. They were so busy throwing branches at his house that they never saw the Woodsman walk up to them. The rest of us kept our boats out in the street, out of his way. We were just close enough to watch what he was doing.

The Woodsman lifted his big ax off his shoulder and took a huge swing. Thwack! The ax hit the first tree. We almost fell out of our boats when the tree yipped loudly. The Woodsman almost dropped his ax in surprise as we all stared at the yipping tree.

Trees do not yip! They sigh, they moan and occasionally they sing with the wind. But, they DO NOT YIP!

The Woodsman gripped his ax tighter and took an ever harder swing at the tree. Thump, whump the ax hit the tree again. It yipped again! Louder!

With a fierce look the Woodsman raised his ax for another swing when suddenly . . .

A door flew open on one side of the tree and a brown and white dog leaped out. It splashed around in the water holding its head and yipping real loudly. The Woodsman quickly moved over to the second tree but before he even raised his ax the tree started howling even louder than the first tree. Another door opened and a short-legged black dog dashed out.

End of the Rainbow doesn’t have dogs. There are a few Fairy Tale dogs but these weren’t fairy tale dogs. They were real dogs from the human world.

While we all sat in our boats staring at the yipping and howling dogs the Woodsman peered into the trees. “Hey, Father Time, I solved your mystery!” he called. We quickly paddled over to him as he pulled Crazy Cupid out of one of the trees. Cupid was tied up real tight. We got him into a boat and took the ropes off.

It took a lot of talking to finally get everything straightened out. It seems that the two dogs wanted to be Holiday Keepers. They decided to steal all the holiday magic. They got Cupid to help them at first, but when he saw what they had done to the jelly bean vats he refused to help them anymore. They kidnapped him and kept him tied up inside the trees while they stole as many of the magical charms that they could.

Once we returned all the magical charms to their rightful owners the rain stopped. So did the clock! For the first time in months it’s really quiet at End of the Rainbow.

The water is all gone but the ground is still really squishy when you walk across it!!

Everything is back to normal, except we don’t know what to do with the two dogs. We call them Yip and Howl. We can’t let them go back to your world, especially now that they know how to get here. They also have too much magic now. Not from the things they took but from living here. Our world is magical and if you live here for a while the magic will change you. That’s why humans can’t come here for a visit. You can never go back to your home again.

Do you have any ideas about what we should do with Yip and Howl?

Your Watcher Elf

Trouble Elf

p. s. The trees were filled with jelly beans. The Woodsman helped us tip the trees over and get all the jelly beans out. We spent four days hauling buckets of jelly beans back to Albert’s vat building. The vats are now working perfectly again and all the jelly beans are back where they belong. So are the teeth.

It took us days to gather up all the teeth bricks out of the streets and flower beds and take them back to the tooth fairy’s castle. The MasterToothCraftsmen were glad to get them back. The damage wasn’t as bad as it had looked. Only the new west tower had fallen down. The glue holding the teeth bricks in place hadn’t been able to dry in all that rain. They have started rebuilding it already!

Albert said about a million of the jelly beans are missing. We just found out that Yip and Howl ate them and that they had a stomach ache for almost a week. I don’t think they’ll want to eat another jelly bean for a long, long time.


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