June letter for kids


I’m Jasper Sprite, usually at this time of the year I fly around making sure all the trees and plants are summer green, but things are really getting strange around here. Maizy said she wrote and tole you about the missing jelly beans. Well, things are getting so much worse. After Albert Rabbit fainted, Crazy Cupid ran to get Father Time. Father Time is the mayor of End of the Rainbow. It’s his job to fix all the problems here. But this is getting so big no one knows what to do. Cupid had barely left the vat building when it started to rain. I mean, really rain, it was pouring so hard you could hardly see across the street. When Cupid reached Father Time’s house the large tower clock next to Jak Jester’s house started chiming.

The clock is as tall as a tree and the hand has never moved, not in over a thousand years. It doesn’t tell time but keeps track of the magic in End of the Rainbow. The round face is divided into four pieces like a pie. The top section says PERFECT, the next section is TROUBLE COMING, the third says FIX IT QUICK, and the last is  DANGER, DANGER, DANGER!

The hand of the clock, it only has one, went from PERFECT to DANGER, DANGER, DANGER! without even stopping at the other spaces. It won’t stop chiming either, it’s a loud wailing siren sound followed by a deep boom like thunder. Day and night it chimes and chimes, no one can sleep or anything it’s so loud. We don’t know how to turn it off.

The North Pole sent us some help. Several Master fixer elves came to fix the broken jelly bean vats. Since the jelly beans were stolen the vats quit working. The elves took them all apart and then put them all back together. It didn’t help. They still don’t work.

And now to make things even worse, the Enchanted Forest has begun to move into End of the Rainbow. Long, long ago we made an agreement with the enchanted trees. They could have most of the land and we’d just have our little town. They have always kept the bargain until now, now they are moving into our town and they are mad at us.

I have a very, very angry old oak living next to my house now and he keeps throwing old branches and acorns at me every time I go outside. I have lots of black and blue spots from being hit by the branches and acorns.

Something is happening to all our magic because it’s getting harder and harder to fly around. I don’t know if you’ve heard the news or not but Cormick O’Greene the leprechaun’s twenty-five times great-uncle finally showed up after almost three hundred years.

I went to visit Cormick but his ancient Uncle isn’t talking to anyone. When old Connor O’Connor showed up on Cormick’s doorstep he looked just like a hard dried up old raisin. Cormick said all Connor is doing is drinking gallon after gallon, a gallon is like one of your big jug of milk, he’s been drinking about a gallon a minute of Leprechaun magic juice.

It’s a nasty smelly green juice that leprechaun’s have to drink every day. Connor O’ Connor hasn’t had any for a very, very, very long time. I’m not very good at numbers but I do know that there are usually 365 days in a year and Connor’s been gone for about 300 years, that’s an awful lot of days.

Leprechaun’s have to drink a pint a day so Connor has a lot of drinking to do before he stops looking like an old shrunken raisin.

No one has seen Albert in weeks, he’s still so upset over the missing jelly beans that he’s lost all of his fur. Even his fluffy tail is bare. We can’t make jelly beans and we’re still a zillion, jillion jelly beans short of what we need.

Rascal Werewolf and Tom Turkey did find a trail of jelly beans on the day they were stolen. They followed the trail into the thick woods surrounding the village. They lost them in the trees so we don’t know where the thieves took the jelly beans.

Yesterday Cormick said his old twenty-five times great-uncle Connor O’Connor left again. He still hadn’t told anyone what had happened to him while he was missing but he did say that he wanted some peace and quiet. With the clock chiming all the time and the enchanted trees stomping their huge roots as they move around, End of the Rainbow isn’t quiet anymore.

A couple of days ago Father Time called a meeting at the library to see if anyone had any ideas how to fix all of this. No one did, not even the North Pole elves. They did say that the problem is just here, none of the other towns, cities or villages are being bothered. At the meeting we did discover that Cupid is missing! Jak Jester and Sam Eagle went over to his house but both Crazy Cupid and his magic Valentine bow are gone.

Rascal Werewolf said he tried to track the scent of the jelly beans the day they were taken. Rascal, Sam Eagle, Cormick O”Greene and Artie Wood Elf went into the Enchanted forest following the trail of dropped jelly beans but Rascal lost the scent when he came across a squirrel trail. He went howling excitedly through the trees and the rest ran after him. They all thought he was getting close to the jelly bean thieves, but he was just chasing two squirrels! Sometimes Rascal is just like all dogs, he likes chasing squirrels even though he knows they are too fast for him and he’ll never catch them.

At the meeting we also found out a really bad thing. Really, really bad. Someone is stealing all of our magic. Each holiday keeper has one special item that is kind of holder of all our magic. It’s kind of hard to explain, but we each have a special item that the magic in the air goes through and makes our natural magic stronger.

I have a green leaf that I wear on a chain around my neck. It never dies as long as I wear it. I never take it off, ever! Then one day when I was dodging and ducking the acorns the oak was throwing at me the chain broke. I found the chain among the piles and mounds of acorns but I can’t find my magical leaf! It will turn brown and crack into dust if I don’t find it soon.

I told everyone about losing it at the meeting and Rascal Werewolf and Fraidy Black Cat said their jack o’ lanterns were missing also. After that everyone ran home to check on their magic items. I haven’t heard if anyone else is missing theirs yet.

It’s still raining, coming down in buckets! Everything but our houses are floating. The streets and lanes have become fast-moving rivers. It’s a mess here.

If you know who is doing all this to us please write back and tell us.

Jasper Sprite

p.s. The enchanted oak is leaving my yard. I went outside to see where it was going. It stomped past the food store behind my house and east on Blueberry drive to Cormick’s house. It stopped in Cormick’s yard right over his underground gold mine. I ran over to warn him but the tree threw huge handfuls of acorns at me. I hope Cormick heard it coming.




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  1. Another great story. Thanks!

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