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Letter from Gretha Tooth Fairy


Thank you so much for asking about us! We don’t get kids asking questions about us very often. Most kids don’t care what happens to their teeth once they fall out but every once in a while someone asks so I wrote this all down and then I have to make it big enough for you to read. That’s kind of the same way we carry so much of big people’s money. It’s way too big and heavy for such a little fairy like me. So we make it very, very tiny and it fits into my little backpack. Just before we leave we make it grow back to its regular size. I always have a whole bag full of teeth by the time I get home.

Before I sent this answer to you I showed your question to the Master Teethcraftmen, they were very impressed none of them had ever had a question from a big people before. I framed the question and answer and hung it on my wall. It’s right next to the magical wall that lists all the children losing teeth in my section. When they have loose teeth their names go from purple to yellow and when the teeth fall out the names flash bright red. I’m waiting for your name to turn red again.

Now about the teeth we collect. I said we because there are almost a thousand of us tooth fairies. We each have a special part of the world that we keep track of all the loose teeth in. You are in my special place. My name is Gretha tooth fairy. All of the other tooth fairies are my Great, Great, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, Aunts, Sisters and cousins. There are an awful lot of us!

My Great, Great Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, Uncles, Brothers and boy cousins are the ones who search the big people’s (you humans) streets and places for lost coins and bills. That’s how we get enough of your money to  pay for the teeth.

We all live in a very, very large castle at the end of Willow Parkway in End of the Rainbow. The castle has over two thousand rooms. You can walk around in it for days and never find another tooth fairy. The only other fairies that are always here are the Castle Keepers. Hundreds and hundreds of them work every day except holidays and celebration days to keep the castle sparkly white.

You see, the whole castle is made of teeth. Every wall, floor and ceiling is made of all the teeth that we have collected for centuries. It takes a lot of teeth bricks to make a huge castle. It also takes a lot of cleaning and brushing to keep them clean so that the castle doesn’t fall down.

We’ve never told anyone this before, it’s sort of a secret, but you can tell your family if you want to.

Right now we are building another tower. When it’s done we will have fifty seven towers. The castle is the tallest building in all of End of the Rainbow, it’s even taller than the willow trees on our street.

Well, I’d better go collect more teeth because the builders need more teeth bricks so they can keep building.

The tooth fairy



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Spring time May letter for kids


Oh, this is so terrible! Horrible! Horrible! What are we going to do? Do you have any ideas?

Wait! Maybe I’d better tell you who I am and then I’ll tell you about our terrible problem. Nothing like this has ever happened in End of the Rainbow before!

My name is Maizy it rhymes with Daisy. Daisy is one of my sisters. We are flower fairies. Our job is to wake up all the sleepy little flowers. Every spring as soon as the snow begins to melt I’m out dancing and singing through the fields and yard. Some people call us the May Queens or Spring Queens, but we’re not queens. We are flower fairies. There are thousands of us and we are all sisters. When we dance and sing we coax all the shy little spring flowers out of hiding. Flowers like to hide under the ground where it’s nice and warm all winter. Some of the flowers are so shy that we have to sing them special songs so they will poke their little heads out of the dirt.

My very favorite flowers are the brave little bright ones that so many people think are just weeds. They are not weeds, they are very special flowers! Dandelions are the bravest little flowers, just look at them, they’ll grow anywhere. Even in the cracks of sidewalks.

Dandelions are so cheerful with their bright little yellow smiles. We, flower fairies call them the children’s flowers because only children and fairies really like the brave little dandelions.

What’s your favorite part of spring? Mine are the flowers and green grass that feels so soft under your bare feet. Do you like to run barefoot in the grass? Flower fairies always go barefoot so we can feel the little flowers giggle beneath the ground.

I also make all the bright flowers appear in End of the Rainbow. Have you ever been to End of the Rainbow? It’s a beautiful place. All the roads are made of shiny sparkly silver and gold stones. Every yard is covered with flowers of every color in a large crayon box. Even the houses in End of the Rainbow are bright colors. I live at the end of Pansy lane. The whole block is covered in purple and yellow pansies.

Once a long time ago when people used to call us the May Queen they used to celebrate the 1st of May as May Day. I don’t think anyone does it anymore but it used to be a big celebration. Children danced around May Poles, they were tall poles with bright-colored ribbons tied at the top. Each child held a ribbon and half of them would go one way around the pole and the other half went the other way. As they passed each other they went in and out around each other. It’s kind of hard to explain but when they were done the ribbons were all braided around the pole and it looked so pretty.

Children also made up May baskets filled with flowers and candy. They would leave them on a friend or family’s front door step, ring the bell or knock on the door and run away. When the person answered the door they had to chase them. When they caught them they would thank them for the May basket. It was a  fun custom that has also faded away.

Now, back to our horrible terrible problem. Every year as soon as Easter is over Albert Rabbit starts making jelly beans for the next year. He has magical vats that make thousands of jelly beans a day. When the vats are full, then each vat dyes the jelly beans a special color. There’s a vat for red jelly beans, blue jelly beans, purple jelly beans, green jelly beans, every color in the rainbow and there is even a vat for black jelly beans.

It’s a lot of work making enough jelly beans for everyone in the whole world so everyone in End of the Rainbow helps him. When the vats are full they have to be stirred with long wooden poles so all the jelly beans are colored just right!

We had stirred them on Wednesday and they were looking so pretty! On Friday we went back to stir them again before Albert emptied the vats and takes all the wet jelly beans over to the drying house where he spreads them out on special magical tables to dry and wait to be counted for next Easter. He needs millions and billions of jelly beans.

Albert unlocked the door to the vat building. The rest of us were right behind him, there was Cormick leprechaun, Jasper Sprite, Gretha Tooth Fairy, Crazy Cupid, Fraidy Black Cat, Taffy Turkey, Jak Jester and me. We were all laughing and chatting when all of a sudden Albert opened the door and fainted dead away. I’ve always wanted to say that, I heard it once in your world. Magical folks don’t faint. At least, we didn’t until Albert did.

“What would make him faint like that?” Gretha asked peering down at Albert. We were all shocked. Actually it was more fascinating that shocking. He just lay there like he was sleeping.

“Hey!” Cormick shouted. We all looked over at him. He was standing in a puddle of red dye. I started to giggle. He looked just like a Christmas ornament, all green and red where the dye soaked up the legs of his pants. The laughter didn’t last long. Cormick pointed into the vat room. We all gasped in horror. Gretha, Crazy, Fraidy and I all started to cry. All the vats were tipped on their sides, the bright-colored dye was running in rivers all over the floor and every single jelly bean was gone!

All of them stolen!

Trillions and jillions of jelly beans missing! Who could have taken them? Why would anyone take them?

Can you help us? We don’t know who would take all of Albert’s jelly beans, do you know?

If you have any idea let us know please. We are so upset and Albert is so upset he won’t even come out of his house anymore.

Happy Spring

Maizy Flower Fairy

p.s. Oh, I almost forgot in all the excitement, we did get some good news also. Cormick’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, I’m not too sure how many greats there are supposed to be, anyway his Uncle Connor O’Connor came back to End of the Rainbow. He’s been missing for almost two or three hundred years.

If you know anything about the missing jelly beans let me know, okay?

Maizy Flower Fairy


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