April Fool’s letter

Dear ——  Just about April Fool’s Day

Do you like to play practical jokes on people? You know, like jumping out and scaring someone or hiding toy bugs in drawers? I do! I’m Jak the Jester. A jester is something like a clown except we just play jokes on people. I live at the “End of the Rainbow” with Cormick and all the other holiday keepers. My holiday is on April 1st. It’s called April Fool’s Day.

A long, long time ago we Jester’s were also called King’s fools because our job was to make Kings laugh. It was really, really hard job because Kings were always crabby. Then there was a time when school children, especially in France. You can see where France is on a map, it’s a long ways away from where you live, across a huge ocean. Anyway, the children used to tape pictures of fish on each other’s backs. They tried to sneak them so the one wearing the fish didn’t know it. Then the other children would laugh at them because they had a fish on their backs. I don’t know why they did it, but they thought it was funny. Do you think it’s funny?

My very favorite joke is hiding things. I also like to stick things like toy bugs or snakes in people’s drawers or cupboards so that when they open them the toys jump out at them and makes them scream. I thing that’s really funny!

On April Fool’s Day I travel all over the world riding my magical Unicorn friend. His name is Bentley. We look for the best practical jokes, lots of you humans like to play jokes on each other and I like to keep track of the best jokes so I can use them later on someone else. On April Fool’s Day I usually don’t have a lot of time so I usually just do a quick shuffle at every house I visit. That’s when I either move things around or hide them. I like to move important things like chairs so that people trip over them in the dark or coffee pots so adults can’t find them. My favorite things to hide are TV remotes, coffee cups and favorite toys.

I don’t just show up on April’s Fools Day I can come on any day, at anytime. No one ever sees me so I can hide things anytime I want. It’s lots of fun, especially when they look and look and look and look and still can’t find what they are looking for. I peek in the window with the Watcher Elves and giggle, because I know right where the thing they are looking for is at. I put it there and they won’t find it for a long, long time.

I love being mischievous as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone too much; a stubbed toe now and then is okay. The next time you can’t find your favorite toy, sock or something else it just might be my fault!

I’ll be seeing you, but you won’t see me!

Jak the Jester


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