St. Patrick’s Day Letter for kids

Top of the Mornin’ to ye,

That’s the way Leprechauns say Good Morning.

One of the watcher elves told me that you are excited about catching a leprechaun. I just thought I’d send you a wee note to explain a few things about us leprechauns that maybe you didn’t know.

First, we come from Ireland which is far away across a huge ocean. You can find it on a map if you want to see where Ireland is.

Second, we always hide our pots of gold at the end of the brightest rainbow. That way the gold is always safe because humans, like you, have to walk a very, very long ways to find the end of the rainbow and before you reach the end the rainbow fades away.

Third, leprechauns aren’t very big, about the size of a donut with sprinkles on it.

Fourth, leprechauns have contests to see which of us are the best at hiding from the big people as we call you humans. I am the very best, my chart only has green shamrocks on it, and there isn’t one black mark on it anywhere. I am one thousand and ninety-seven years old and I have never been caught once.

Another thing about leprechauns is that we like to play jokes on the big people. We often hide things from them, like one sock, a chipped cup or a favorite toy. So the next time you lose something you can be pretty sure that a leprechaun took it. I have the biggest collection of bright-colored socks, cups, toys and shiny marbles of all the leprechauns. I keep it hidden in a special chest right next to my pot of gold.

Did you know that your Christmas Watcher Elf is my cousin? Sometimes I spend time with him watching you play.

I’d better get moving, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and that’s the day when we leprechauns play our best tricks on the big people. I have to go get my big bag of tricks ready, I’ll be passing by your house then to say hello to your watcher elf, I might be seeing you then.

Your leprechaun friend

Cormick the leprechaun.


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