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Letter from Father Time


Dear ———-,

It has come to my attention that some of the Holiday Keepers have been writing letters to children. In the beginning I was not sure this would be a good idea, but now that I have talked to several of the Keepers I realize it is a good idea. Maybe it is time for us to let more people know about us.

I am Father Time. I am also called Father New Year’s. My holiday is New Year’s which comes on January 1st. I am also the Mayor of our magical town called End of the Rainbow. It is where all the Holiday Keepers live. Not all the holidays we keep are big ones, many of them are almost forgotten, and that is why I think it is now important for you to know more about us.

Just about every month has a holiday in it. End of the Rainbow only has keepers for holidays celebrated in the United States. There are other magical towns with keepers for other countries. Because you live in the United States End of the Rainbow has the keepers that you would know best. I am going to list each of the keepers by month that way you will know who they are. I am sure in time they will all want to write to you and tell you more about themselves and what they like to do.

After my month is February and Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you know all about Valentines and have sent them to your friends. The keeper for February is Crazy Cupid. His real name is Enki but no one knows how to pronounce it, besides he always does such crazy things around Valentine’s Day. He can get a little bit dangerous with his bow and arrows.

Then there is March and St. Patrick’s Day. We have quite a few leprechauns at End of the Rainbow but the most famous one is Cormick O’Greene. He’s a very mischievous leprechaun. He is one thousand and ninety seven years old and has never had his pot of gold found. Not even once. He likes to sneak into human’s houses and hide things. He and Jak both like to play practical jokes on humans.

Jak the Jester, he is the keeper of April’s fools day. Which is April 1st.  Jak’s favorite jokes are hiding remotes controls, cups, glasses, toys and other things in human’s houses. So the next time you can’t find something you can blame it on either Cormick the Leprechaun or Jak the Jester. Jak gets around the human’s world by riding on his friend Bentley the unicorn.

Next we have a holiday that doesn’t have a special date. Easter can come in either March or April. But Easter is all about Albert Rabbit, he is the 120th Easter Rabbit. I don’t think I have to explain too much about him, everyone knows about the Easter Rabbit.

May has two holidays that most humans no longer celebrate as they once did. May Day is May 1st and it used to be a very merry holiday. The other one is Memorial Day which is a day to remember. Maizy the flower fairy is in charge of May, she is the one who sings all the little flowers awake so May becomes a month of flowers and spring.

June only has the first day of summer, but that is an important day. Summer vacations, long lazy hot days of fun.  You can thank Jasper the sprite for that. He makes sure all the trees are green and the weather keeps getting warmer.

In July we have Independence Day better known as the 4th of July. That’s the day the United States became a country, that was a long, long time ago but Sam Eagle is very proud of his holiday and doesn’t want anyone to forget that we are in a free country.

August doesn’t have a holiday. In fact it is usually the month we all go on vacation. We leave End of the Rainbow to the Watcher Elves. They have some sort of get together here while we are all gone. I’m not sure what they do but I do know that they all show up here and that it is important to them.

September is the first day of Autumn and labor day. Labor day is mainly an adult holiday, a day off of work for them. The first day of Autumn is for everyone. Artie Wood Elf loves to paint all the leaves red, yellow, brown and gold. It’s a time to run through the falling leaves and prepare for winter.

October of course is Halloween. Rascal Werewolf and Fraidy the black cat make sure everything is hauntingly ready for Halloween. Not too scary, but just spooky enough to be fun.

November is a time for being thankful and Tom and Taffy Turkey love to hear what children are thankful for.

December, we don’t have a keeper living here for December because as everyone knows Christmas belongs to Santa Claus and he lives at the North Pole. We do have a tie with them because Santa’s Watcher elves stay here whenever they are not busy watching the child they are assigned to. Every child as soon as they write their first letter to Santa has a watcher elf.

That pretty much covers all the months and the main Holiday Keepers.

We can’t invite you to End of the Rainbow because humans, even human children don’t fit. Most of us magical beings are much tinier than humans.  Long, long ago we did invite some children but they sat on our houses and broke them, they smashed all our trees. We have replaced everything but it is too much work to allow it to happen again.

I am sending you a map with everyone’s house marked on it. The squares on the map are the same color as the actual house, and yes, Jak Jester’s house is half yellow and half blue.

We don’t have street numbers or addresses like you big people do, but we do have street names so I’ve written all of them down also. I would tell you that you could write to us but we don’t have a post office at End of the Rainbow and your computers don’t work here either so we can’t get emails either.

I’ve never gotten a letter from anyone and I don’t think many of the other Holiday Keepers have either. It would be fun to get letters. I guess that’s why you like getting mail. It’s fun. I am over twenty thousand years old and this is the first letter I’ve ever written to one of the big people as we call you humans.

I think that is why Santa Claus is always so jolly, he gets lots of mail.

Your friend

Father Time

p.s. I almost forgot! Although she is not a holiday keeper Gretha Tooth fairy also lives at End of the Rainbow. She is always so busy I don’t see her very much but she is my neighbor!


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Holiday letters for kids

Starting next week I will be posting one letter each month that I wrote for my little great nephew. I actually started writing these six years ago.

There will be a letter a month from a different “holiday keeper”. These started when he was in first grade and his teacher messed up the class room while the kids were at recess, when they came in she told them a leprechaun had done it. It was March and almost St. Patrick’s day. My great nephew was so excited and so into leprechauns that year so my niece  his mother asked if I would write him a letter from a leprechaun. I did it and that started the whole thing. Soon after that I was writing him a letter a month from different holiday keepers. Because they were fun letters I soon added more kids to my “mailing list”. Most of the letters were hand delivered to friends and co-workers with young kids and they would give them to their kids. One of my co-workers hid the letter in a different place each month so his kids would “accidentally” find them.

I got so into writing these letters that I made my own return labels for each of the holiday keepers so the kids had no idea where they were coming from. For six years I wrote the letters but now my list is down to just two kids with four more coming up in a few years. The original kids that I wrote these for have gotten to the age where they no longer believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or other holiday people. It was sad to have to cross their names off but I knew the day would come.

This is the first year that I haven’t written a new set of monthly letters. The kids I am sending them to, I started at the beginning and I have enough written to last until they outgrow the letters. I usually start sending them letters once they start kindergarten and end when they reach around nine or ten. That seems to be the age when they no longer believe.

But I have six years of letters from the ‘End of the Rainbow’ where most of the Holiday Keepers live so I thought I would share them here for anyone with young kids who might enjoy getting a letter each month. I really enjoyed creating the world of ‘End of the Rainbow’ and all the holiday keepers who live there. Santa is the only holiday keeper who does not live at ‘End of the Rainbow’ but many of his watcher elves stay there, especially during August!

Since I am in the United States the holidays I wrote about are from here and I know there are readers from all over the world and I apologize for that but most of you are bloggers and if you like these letters you can easily come up with letters reflecting holidays that your kids celebrate.

The letters I will be posting will be:

January – Father Time

February – Crazy Cupid

March – Cormick O’Greene

April – Jak Jester

Easter – Albert Easter Rabbit

May – Maizy Flower Fairy

June – Jasper Sprite

July – Sam Eagle

August – Watcher Elves

September – Artie Wood Elf

October – Rascal Werewolf and Fraidy Black Cat

November – Tom and Taffy Turkey

December – Santa Claus

I will be posting the letters the week before the holiday in each month and sometime, possibly in January I will also post the letter from Gretha the Tooth Fairy.

I hope you enjoy these letters as much as I loved writing them. Hope you have a great year with my little keepers. I love my holiday keepers and am a little sad that I don’t have to write any more letters from them but who knows maybe I will just for myself.

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I haven’t written anything for several weeks, I’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas. I’ve been learning a new craft and working on new items to list in my Etsy shop. I’ve been doing all kinds of things that I thought were so important. I’ve been busy.

Last Friday I stopped being busy. I spent most of the day watching in horror as the news unfolded about the shooting in Newtown, Conn.

There are not enough words to express the heart break, the horror, the anger I felt, as so many felt, as we learned that most of those who died were children, innocent, beautiful, wonderful little children. The others were their brave heroic teachers who gave their lives trying to protect the children. I can’t imagine the terror, horror they felt as they faced a gunman intent on killing children.

Last Friday, once again our world changed, not for the better, but it did change. All that is left are the questions, why? why would anyone want to hurt little children? Unfortunately too many children are hurt every day, not usually in numbers like Friday but they are being hurt. Child abuse is a fact, not a fact we should ever get used to or allow to exist, but it does exist.

How? How does this keep happening? How many shootings do we have to continue to live through before they are stopped? I can remember far too many of them, Columbine 1999; Virginia Tech 2007; Omaha shopping center 2007; Illinois Univ. DeKalb 2008; a nursing home North Carolina 2009; a civic center in Binghamton NY 2009; Texas Southern University Houston 2009; Fort Hood Texas 2009; Tucson Arizona 2011; Aurora Colorado theater 2012; Accent Signage systems Minneapolis Mn 2012; Oak Creek Wisconsin Shkh Temple 2012; Portland Or. mall 2012 and Newtown Conn. school.

This isn’t a complete list…. there are many, many more if you look them up. One site listed over 65 shootings in the United States in the last 30 years.

When? When are we going to stop killing each other? This is supposed to be a time of good cheer and good tidings towards each other, what went wrong? Where have we all gone wrong? It has to stop…. I wish I had some great plan to stop this but like everyone else I am at a total loss. I wish someone, anywhere had a way to stop all this madness, I was about to say before it gets out of hand, but it is already so far out of hand and it is frightening.

I can’t even begin to imagine what parents are feeling right now as they sent their children off to school this morning. It would have to be the most terrifying moment, even half a country away, the fear is here.

School should be a safe carefree place for children but in one day that was taken away from us, as was going to a movie, or shopping. We need to feel safe again but it is so hard in a world gone crazy enough for a gunman to shoot innocent children.

Despite all the madness around us Christmas will come, perhaps this is a good time to rethink our priorities and decide whether or not we want to continue living in a time and place where children are killed in their classrooms eleven days before Christmas.

Maybe if we all wished for Peace and Good Will, no matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or any other holiday it might just come true.

Tonight hug your children a little longer, hug your family members a little tighter, remember that the holidays are truly about love and kindness not presents and hectic activities.

Have a great holiday

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