How far do you go to entertain kids on Holidays?

That’s a question I’ve been struggling with all week. I don’t have kids but we have always had holidays at our house. It’s easier for the rest of the family to come here than to take our 91-year-old mother out. She’s comfortable here and that makes the holidays easier for her, but that means all the kids are here with little to do all day. We’ve never relied on TV, movies or video games to keep the kids occupied on holidays, yet I know that they get incredibly bored with all the adults doing nothing but talking. We do go for walks when the weather permits but that never takes very long, I hate hearing any kid say they are bored on a holiday. It should be fun for everyone.

When my nieces and nephews were little it seemed so much easier. Maybe that was because there were so many of them. Even if all my brothers and sisters couldn’t make it there were still a bunch of nieces and nephews. I have 18 all together so it was easy to come up with strange games and things to keep them busy. In one of my past post I talked about the booklets I still do every Christmas eve.

The toughest holiday is Thanksgiving, kids get so bored while the adults sit around and talk. There will only be 5 of my great nieces and nephews here this year. They range from 10 years old to 11 months. I can’t really do much of a game so I’ve trying to come up with something for the older ones.

What I’ve come up with so far is snakes! Everyone likes snakes, right? Well actually these are brightly colored variegated yarn snakes. I have a bunch of snakes made, just need to glue eyes and whatever else I find on them.

Now, I am coming up with some background stories for the snakes and writing up a small newspaper for the kids. I plan on using a quarter fold card template and making it look as much like a newspaper as I can. Hopefully the kids will be interested in reading about the snakes. I might even just put eyes on them and let them embellish the snakes if they want to.

Hopefully this will be successful enough that it will carry over into Christmas and they will want a second edition of the Sneaky snake newspaper. If not I have to come up with something different for Christmas.

What do you do to keep kids entertained during holidays? How far to you go to think of something special for kids during the holidays?


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