Dogs and Full Moons

I can totally understand why ancient people had so many myths and legends concerning the full moon. Werewolves being just one of them. Tomorrow night will be the full moon and my placid easy-going laid back lazy  lab mix has turned into a werewolf wanna be. No, she’s not out attacking people and turning them into labradoodles. It just makes her act crazy.

The last couple of nights she had been totally weird. Normally in the evening she sleeps. She is always either next to my chair or in the doorway of the computer room.  But not the last few nights! She started this werewolfy behavior by constantly going in and out all evening. When I told her to chill and lay down she just became more insistent that she needed out. Not willing to clean up a mess or undo her house training I obediently got up and let her out, then in, than out, then in, all evening long.

Yesterday, again she wanted in and out all evening, but she added to the strangeness by sitting on the deck and howling. I have never heard her howl before. She turned six years old today and I have never heard her howl, not when fire trucks or police cars go past with sirens. She just isn’t a howling type of dog, until yesterday.

Maybe she was just celebrating her birthday, but somehow I don’t think so. I think she was channeling some inner werewolf. I don’t like October or Halloween so I believe she was doing it just to get me. It’s rather unnerving to go to the door to get your dog and it is sitting there with its nose pointed at the almost full moon howling. Everytime I let her out last night she howled.

Tonight, she is once again going in and out repeatedly. She’s restless but at least she’s not howling, but now there’s been a new development in my dog’s full moon change. When she is outside she won’t come back in. She stands out in the yard staring at the door and giving her one bark which means she wants in. When I open the door to let her in she runs around the yard in the dark like a crazy dog. She has done this before on full moons, but it has been several years since she’s been this crazy. Then the cat decided to join in. She has been attacking the poor dog. Everytime I get the dog to settle down for a nap the cat attacks her.

That isn’t really anything totally new, the cat always picks on the dog. She knows the dog can’t fight back. It’s the difference between a ten pound cat and a seventy pound dog, the cat would ultimately lose the battle. Unfortunately that made the cat think she can get away with picking on the dog whenever she wants to. In our house it’s not survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the littlest. The cat wins.

Is there such a thing as a werecat?

Only one more night and then the full moon will be past and everything will go back to normal until the next full moon. Maybe next month I’ll go out and howl with my dog!

Does a full moon affect your house or pets in any way? Or is just my crazy critters?



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4 responses to “Dogs and Full Moons

  1. I don’t recall any of our dogs acting oddly with the full moon. Maybe she just loves it out there in the moonlight. All of our dogs have at times stared off into the upper corners of the rooms in our house and acted like they were seeing something that scared them. I’m a scaredy cat, and I hate when they do that! 🙂

    • The cats I used to have, they both died years ago, one was 19 and the other one was 20 years old, they used to stare up at the corners like that then hiss and act all freaky. When the cat I have now does that I just tell myself that its just my brother coming to check on me. He died nine years ago so when ever someone tells me that cats and dogs can see ghost I just tell myself its him and then I don’t scare myself so much.
      Maybe my brother came to play with my dog! That would be fantastic. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I think the full moon has an effect on all of us. It draws in the tides and I’ve heard (though don’t know how true it is) that this can affect the water balance in our bodies (cats and dogs would be the same) 😀

    • Well, I know it does bother my two critters, not every month but often enough. They just wait a few months until I forget about their strange behavior than they do it again. They just like to keep me on my toes. Thanks for stopping by

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