You have to be Crazy…

I’ve been told that I’m crazy so often that I’m beginning to believe it. Not crazy in an insane way, although I’m sure some of my family are totally convinced that I am totally insane.

I love doing crafts, but not anything too ordinary. I have a small shop on etsy where I sell plastic canvas items, boxes, notebook covers, things like that. They are pretty ordinary even though I make my own designs for them. They are pretty basic.

Last week one of the teams I belong to on Etsy issued a challenge. The team was started just for these challenges. The first challenge was to make a home-made version of the popular bubble necklace. I have never followed trends, in fact I have never paid any attention to trends. I had to go online to find out what a bubble necklace actually was. They are very large beads put together to make a large triangle of dangling bubbles. Not my style, I am not tall enough to wear huge pieces of jewelry.

But it was a challenge. I’m not a competitive person. I watch sports but I really don’t care who wins, I just like watching the games. I also don’t join teams. I like working by myself. But I’ve joined several different teams on Etsy, mainly to help get attention to my shop. I thought long and hard about actually joining the challenge team, but the thought of trying to make a bubble necklace was intriguing. I had to try. I don’t make jewelry, its one of the only crafts that I haven’t really tried much. I’ve played around with simple jewelry a bit and I’ve fixed a lot of jewelry but that usually is just reattaching a jump ring or something like that. Simple stuff, now I was faced with making a necklace and all I do now days is plastic canvas.

After a few days thinking and drawing out designs I made my first necklace. It was simple plastic canvas circles sewed with Christmas yarn and put together with jump rings. Easy. It was fun and that’s when the craziness started. Ideas started going around and around in my head. Then someone on the team made the suggestion that someone should make one using owls in some way. That’s another big trend right now. People like owls.

Okay! I can do owls. I just had to figure out how to make them small enough for a necklace. Making them out of plastic canvas was out of the question. The entire necklace would have been measured in feet instead of inches. There was no way I could make owls small enough for a necklaces unless. . .

I painted them! I’ve always like painting miniatures. My family and everyone else who sees my paintings think I’m crazy. I ended up painting ten different colored owls on scrabble tiles. They turned out really cute, even if I do say so myself.

Today I painted forty-five more tiles, some with dogs, cats, bears, landscapes, flowers and anything else I could think of painting on tiny surface. I love painting teeny tiny things. Maybe I am a wee bit crazy, but at least I enjoy my craziness. Have you ever enjoyed making something only to be told you were crazy to do it?

Maybe it’s just jealousy, I don’t know, I just like creating things that most people wouldn’t think of doing.


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