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Christmas Chapter book

Starting today I will be adding a page each week with a chapter of a Children’s Christmas book I wrote. I hope to add a new chapter every Sunday night for the next 10 weeks.

I hope you and your children enjoy the story.

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More Christmas ideas

I don’t know why we always make Christmas so much harder and more stressful than it should be. Years ago we came up with several things to make Christmas easier and much more fun.

I’ve posted in the past about some of the things we do to keep our holiday as stress free as possible.

One of the things we do is make our Christmas Eve meal pot luck with a twist. As our family grew until Christmas Eve is a gathering of around 30 or 35, leaving the food to one family was too difficult. Besides everyone wanted to contribute to the meal.

The very first year we did the pot luck I came up with an idea to make it a bit more fun and challenging. I wrote out the twelve lines of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song. Each family chose 2 verses and had to make something to share using those two verses. Of course for some of them you had to kind of stretch the explanation but everyone came up with such wonderful ideas. For example we had seven swans a swimming so we made scalloped potatoes with seven hotdogs swimming in it. My niece and her husband had twelve drummers drumming and brought little chicken drumsticks.

Every year we come up with a different theme for the meal. It’s been over ten years now and if I don’t come up with an idea by Halloween they all start asking about it. Some years I have everything worked out by the 4th of July. I’m running a bit late this year but I have most of the plans and themes figured out so now I just have to let the rest of the family know.

I hope you have as much fun with your Holiday meals as we do!

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I have to be the best procrastinator. I can always find a dozen new things to start so that I never get back to projects I should be finishing. I’ve been trying to get things made to list in my online store before Christmas is over. Again lots of ideas, probably too many ideas to get done on time and I have a hard time not starting new ideas. Which is probably why I have dozens of stories started and only a few actually finished.

I haven’t been adding to this blog like I had planned. Everytime I sit down to add a post or a new story page I find myself distracted by something else. Most days it doesn’t take much to distract me, but I will be adding a longer story in a few days, I promise. I am still doing some editing to it but the story is actually done. It is a 10 chapter Christmas story for kids.

Starting in December I plan on posting the letters I’ve been writing for the last six years for my great nephew. At least they started for him and within a few months I was sending them to a dozen kids. Co-workers kids, boss’s grand kids,etc. Now most of those kids are 10 years old and too old for the letters. I have a few new kids that I still send them to, but I decided to post them here.

My little great nephew when he was in kindergarten had a great teacher who made a big deal over leprechauns on St. Patrick’s day. While the kids were out playing the leprechauns threw papers and things all around the room. He really got into leprechauns. My niece (his mother) asked if I could write him a letter from a leprechaun. It was so much fun that I got out a calendar and ended up writing a letter a month from a different “holiday keeper”.

Now six years later I have six years of letters from the keepers at End of the Rainbow. I started with a leprechaun but then went back and sent him letters for January (Father Time) and February (Cupid) so he would have a full year of letters.

I will be posting each letter the month ahead of the holiday they are for. I hope you and your children will enjoy the letters as much as my family and friends have.

Now I have to get started on my Christmas booklets, as I mentioned in an earlier post. This year I think I will try a round robin story again. Did it several years ago and it was fun. I start a story, usually just a few paragraphs and then send it round to every member of the family to add to it. It’s always fun to see where it ends ups.

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