Randolph the Duck Angel

A very long time ago I was given a small wooden duck made by my nephew. He was just learning to do woodworking and had made a bunch of small reindeer for Christmas. I immediately fell in love with the little duck which I painted like a Mallard. It still sits in a place of honor in a glass case.

That little wooden duck became the inspiration for Randolph. I had only intended to write a little Christmas story about that little duck for that year’s Christmas booklet. But! There was just something about that little duck that I just couldn’t quite forget after the first story. Soon another story followed, then another and another. I now have nearly 30 different stories about Randolph and all his animal friends. In each story you get to meet more of the critters that make up Randolph’s world.

Some of the more memorable ones are: Jarrod a very friendly, helpful black dragon.

Quirk Duck, a ordinary gray duck who is always looking for an adventure

Mylie Mouse, (named many years before Mylie Cyrus was on television) who is Quirk’s constant companion.

T. C. Cheetah- the chief of police

Mortimer and Miranda Monkey –¬†mischievous¬†adventurous monkeys.

There are many, many more characters and many more stories to be told about them. Thanks for taking a look, hope you enjoy Randolph and the Reindeer. The entire story is included on the page.


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